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Mar 23, 2022
san francisco
Greetings my fellow human beings,

I hope all is well with you and your love ones. First and foremost I would like to thank brain / max and
The community for providing your experiences , issues, and opinions on this site as it help provide a wealth of information and save me time wondering if a certain casino is worth trying.

Im here to share my experience with slotocash,
But before I do that I want to mention I have personally seen people I know in real life and ppl online successfully withdraw with my own eyes so
I dont doubt that in anyway. However i want to share my experiences, although it be nice i dont expect them to make things right. Ms. sloto let me say I have seen her help ppl get their withdraw however lets just say theres another side to her and if she wasnt afraid of what other ppl think chances are they will try every reason to deny winnings . Slotocash although have a fairly good record let me just say, if they really wanted to deny your winnings they can.

On 3/24/22 my withdraw for 1457 btc was denied,
According to Ms. sloto said they needed to ensure iam in fact the same person registered on the account.
They showed me that the passport they had on file recently expired which is why they denied it.

My account was already verified and has been for a few years. They refused to accepted the passport i provided to them because it was expired. The funny thing is that passport they denied is the same passport they have on file with the exact same serial number and
Same exaCT ID they used to verify my account.

The fact that It was the same government ID they accepted and the fact i was willing to take a selfie holding the ID tells me basically they knew who I was they just wanted an excuse to deny my winnings.

I purposely kept my cashier withdraw request pending so my balance would remain zero and I wouldn’t be tempted to gamble it all away. I know
For a fact because for the first few days i would log on and check to confirm.

Left with no other choice I went ahead and went to thE DMV got my temporary paper license and waited for the driver license to arrive in mail.

I received an email from slotocash saying they were willing to accept my temporary and use it to verify my account if i took a selfie which i went ahead and follow their instructions.

After submitting it took 3 weeks to get a response and the email said they have received my temporary license which now they are in the process of verifying. This was intentional delay because the time it took to reply to my email they could if easily approved it. So im still waiting

I decide to log into sloto chat as a guest and asked basic questions. I asked the representative how long or how often does a person have to submit ID in order to withdraw? The agent said only 1 time.

Finally after another week ( 1 month total ) I get another email saying they have processed my temporary license however in order to withdraw I will now need my driver license.

My question is then what was the purpose of requesting and saying they will accept my temporary if i took a selfie and made me wait 4 weeks only to tell me i need my driver licenses?

When i logged on to my account I noticed my cashier pending withdraw that was pending was manually canceled to encourage play.
I thought to myself if they proceeded to request my temporary make me wait 4 weeks then tell me they will need my DRIVER license by the time i get my driver license it will take another month.

I ended playing lost my balance and then I received an email saying my account is ready to withdraw. Yes i know its my fault for playing, but one things for sure wether they admit it or not.
They unjustifiably denied until i lost everything.

Heres the funny thing, before i offically turnt in my driver license, When I requested to close my account they were quick and happy to do so.
So since you guys haven’t verified my identity
How can you agree to this request if your uncertain who iam? But its an issue to withdraw?

According to their terms and agreement it clearly said documents are required for NEW PLAYERS.
So there server is hosted by safenames, im currently in the process of having law enforcement
Request WEBSITE owner ID.

My advice is if they denied your winnings. Dont use logic / reasons or argue with them it doesnt matter to them. If u argue it will only be worst, just be quiet and dont prove them wrong. Facts dont matter.

Anyways thats my experience thanks for reading


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Slotocash is Not Recommended at Casinomeister.
This seems to be PAB action. I would guess that we could assist, so I would recommend opening a ticket for that.

You have 1457 bitcoins? Can I be your friend?? :D
@Casinomeister will you still be his friend if it was $1457 worth of bitcoin?

@shuby415 please PAB - This whole scenario does not sound right.

Hi Shuby415, I am sorry to hear about your experience at our casino. Our team is continuously working hard to provide the best possible experience for our players. I am waiting to receive the PAB message from the CM and will communicate further with them.
Ms. Sloto with all due respect its not good for the soul to say things that you dont mean.
We can resolve the issue right here or is it too public for u?

You guys emailed me saying you were willing to accept to verify my account if i submit temporary license if i took a selfie

I followed your instructions and it took 3 weeks for you guys to acknowledge that you received it and said its currently being reviewed.

The same amount of time it took to reply You could of verified but instead decide to stall for another week before telling me my driver license is needed.
So basically made me wait a month lied why tell me to submit temporary license to verify my account and then make me wait a month before switching it up.

You guys tried to say the pending withdraw automatically gets cancel when a withdraw is denied which is a lie. My pending withdraw was active even after You guys denied. It was canceled weeks later.

I logged on to support and asked why my pending withdraw. After the Representative realized it was me she left.

Here are the other times u guys requested ID even when my ID was not expired and my account was verified.


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FTR: The OP originally submitted his Slotocash case to us in late March. After a month of him ignoring the PAB Rules, our guidance and advice his case was closed and I blocked him from future use of the PAB service.

Since April I've repeated several times to the OP we'd resume work on his PAB when he renewed his ID and he has never acknowledged nor responded to that offer in any way. Instead he's tried taking his issue to other Casinomeister staff members asking if they can help but telling them nothing of the offer I've made to him. When that fails he's back on the forums posting about his issue without giving us any notice or response to our messages to him.

The bottom line is this: the casino has (several times) agreed to proceed if a valid, current ID is produced. We have offered (several times) to assist him in his case if a valid, current ID is produced. The OP ignores all of this -- literally, no response of any kind -- and repeatedly tries to find other ways to push this forward. The question is why? What's wrong with the "new ID" offer when everyone involved knows that that would solve his problem?

In our experience the only people that flatly and repeatedly refuse to produce a valid ID are the people that can't. In other words, fraudsters. At this point that very much appears to be the case here. As such the OP's PAB against Slotocash is now permanently closed and we won't accept any further PABs from him because of repeated Player Arbitration Policies and Procedures violations. If he continues to ignore the advice given him by us and the casino and instead bang on against the casino here on the forums his Casinomeister membership will also be forfeit.

Max Drayman
Player Arbitration (PAB) Manager,
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@shuby415 - I told you over a week ago that a state ID in YOUR STATE costs $30.

Here's what to do: on Monday, go down to the DMV, pay the $30 and get your state ID, and then come back here after you've sent a scanned copy to the casino.

If this does not happen by Tuesday, your forum account will be closed permanently. Thank you for your understanding.

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