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Jul 8, 2004
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Hmmm. I could try a "move post" but because of all the Mods CM has stuck on the board, I'll probably end up deleting the Sucks I'll leave it :rolleyes:

Oh yeah...and that's a "naf" result too :D
Playing a modest 5 a hand at BJ I find myself down 80 (as always on skybs sorry skybet). I decide to up my bet (Yep I know goes against all pearls of wisdom known to man) and still proceed to bet 50 a hand and get the following 2 hands which REALLY SUCK!!!
Nasty! :eek:
(But Martin Gail would be proud of you! :D )
I'm no bj player, (BS1.jpg) but what's the chances of getting dealt not only the same cards but also in the same patern too? Not to mention that the dealer also holds a nine & seven.

If it had been the same suit then I'd bet that would be a really loooooooog shot!

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