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I know how to do a screen shot but how can I put it onto winning screenshots ? ..maybe I am dumb, but cant seem to work it out.:D


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Hit Print Screen to get the whole screen, or Alt-Print Screen to get just the active window, then open up a graphics editor, make a new image, paste, and save as a jpeg.


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wayram said:
Had a look at your site and still cant work it out..I have done the screenshots and they are in my word file , how do I get them from there onto here ? as it did not explain very well...sorry to be a pain in the AAAA.:confused:
Hmm. Me thinks the problem is saving it in a doc file. You can upload the doc file, but it will probably be too big.

Check out this thread that explains how to save this as a jpg or gif. These are the files you want to upload :D