I'm back - with some cool picts as well!


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Jun 30, 1998
I just got back from a trip out west - had some family gatherings, triple digit temps, and a tropical storm to boot. 🤠

This first shot is of a rocket being fired from Vandenberg Space Force Base. I had not a clue what is was - but it made no sound, so I knew it was probably a rocket of some sort. I found out later that it was more of Mr. Musk's space junk. lol

This is a ten second exposure looking west:


And here is a shot of the Perseids that I was able to catch in the wee hours


And the moon a little over a week ago:


And chill time as well....

So yes, I'm back in the saddle again :D
I am pretty sure my Uncle, who was in the USAF and was stationed at Vandenburg. The family moved to California,my Uncle,my Auntie (my Dad's sister) and their 4 kids back in the 1960s after meeting here in the UK and him being stationed in Spain, the UK,Guam and finally California. I still keep in touch with one of my cousins who has dual UK/US nationality and has fewer problems passing through UK Customs than her globetrotting friend.
What camera did you use for the last picture? Please don't tell me it was your phone, I know the cameras in them no are very good, but the detail is quality.
Nikon D850 - f/2.8 - 200mm, but I was setting up for night so the ISO is way high at 4000. But this was a spur of the moment shot, no time to adjust. Almost like the rocket photos - it was taken while in the middle of making night-time adjustments. :D

So it's a lucky shot.

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