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Aug 10, 2017
I send an valid and correct claim to Scatters casino first week of May and despite I pushed them every week during four month, they simply ignore it and obviously decided to handle clients claim by not act or answer.
Casinomeister then asked them repeatedly during some weeks to open up an discussion about it but same again, no answer.
I have also asked them many times to send me my made transactions as well as copy of theirs previous T&C due to they changed them after they received my claim, but also there just totally silence.
Even the worst blacklisted scam casino´s normally answer anyway, while Scatters casino just simply don´t care.

Background on my claim is that I having a problematic playing addiction as I went into after my divorce six years ago.
It all ended up so badly that I was hospitalized for my addiction under three month during 2018.
I started at that time to use the Swedish playing tool game break which locked myself for all gaming at all casinos whom have license in Sweden, and by law can approach players in this market.
According to the Swedish law from January 2019, only casino whom have license in Sweden have legal right to act here and to approach Swedish player.
It is stated clearly that a casino without Swedish license are making an criminal action if they in any way do marketing or process Swedish players.
To offer bonuses or campaigns except the first welcome- bonus is also strictly forbidden, even for a casino with license.

1: Scatters VIP staff did without Swedish license during 2020/2021 active and deliberately processed me on weekly basis with running campaigns, bonuses and cashbacks encourage me to play, despite they very well know it´s against the Swedish law. I have whole binder of material that proofs this.

2. CJEU has have repeatedly recognised EU countries’ rights to restrict the cross-border supply of certain gambling services where necessary to protect public interest objectives such as the protection of minors, the fight against gambling addiction, and the prevention of crime and fraud.

3. Scatters T&C (contract) will be classified as unfair according to EU Directive 93/13 of 5 April 19, and a company’s T&C doesn’t go above country laws and EU directives.
• T&C (contracts) shall not obliging the consumer to fulfil all his obligations where the seller or supplier doesn’t.
  • It must take the necessary measures to ensure that the consumer does not lose his protection.
  • Member States shall lay down that unfair terms used in a contract concluded with a consumer by a seller or supplier shall, as provided for under their national law, not be binding for consumer.
  • The fine for breaking these terms must be set to 4% of the company´s turnover, but minimum euro 2 million.
4. It is also stated according to Chapter 19, second paragraph of the Swedish Gaming Act: "there is an obligation not to provide Payment Solutions to casino whom lack a Swedish license". I have thereby asked Scatters repeatedly for my made transactions, but they refuse to answer that as well.

5. It was on top of all this also quite obvious for Scatters that I had a heavy playing addiction.

One example was when I had an balance of euro 75.000 and wanted to make an withdrawal in August 31 -2020. Then they suddenly asked for huge many additional document despite I was verified already. But when I sent all that asked additional docs as they wanted, my withdrawals was still not processed 5 days later.
In the end I played it all back of course as they waited for, and after that they gave me a lot of big free bonus money and encourage me heavily to continue. All this correspondence is saved of course. They on the other hand never asked for such extra documents during my huge deposits, as they must according to the T&C.

6. There where two other casinos involved in my claim process for same issue and both of them chose an settlement instead of a process.
They of course understood that they had broken the law, while Scatters decided to not even answer. Scatters have got proof on these settlements as well.

7. My damage is so much more than just money, but I choose to legally only demand reimbursement for my net loss euro 59.180 as I made with Scatters during 2020/2021 when theirs loyal team against the Swedish law and EU directives, processed me more or less every day by phone and mail.

Jan Kristiansson
Please note that a representative from the casino has just now contacted me asking to discuss this player's case. Although I had given the OP a free hand to post on the forums regarding the case I now think it best if we suspend further posts while we give the rep a chance to settle the matter privately.

Apologies to anyone inconvenienced by this change in thread status.

- Max
I've since learned from the casino that the player's case is currently being processed by the casino's legal team. Since it's now a legal issue it would be inappropriate for this to become a debate here on the forums.

There's also the issue of the Player Arbitration Policies and Procedures wherein we make it clear that if a player's case if referred to legal council then our standing policy is to withdraw in order to not make things worse. In this case however I think we'll simply put things on hold until the decision from the casino's legal team becomes known.

And last but not least I've changed the thread title to level the playing field here, not the least reason being that the original thread title was no longer a factual statement and needed to be changed anyway.

- Max
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