HI guys ,

I would just like to hear what your thoughts on both of these terms are based on your experience with slots , I'm not looking for the definition or what the casinos quote to us , But more from your playing history

We are told every spin is random and you could win a jackpot on any spin and indeed the very next spin to but i would like a bit more context on this as the area seems a bit grey , I know on say a roulette terminal , the main computer will throw out approx 200 results per second to a machine so depending on when you click the spin button ,The amount of time past will determine how many potential results you could have had ,But you will only be playing with a maximum of 37 results ( including zero ) .

Now on slots does anyone have any idea how many potential results are thrown out every second or even minute ? ,

I only ask as through a bit of research on this forum it seems the way slots payout seem to vary based on game and manufacturer ,
For instance Netent games being hard to regain any losses due to often being a bit tight but also not having a high enough variance to get that really big win like say WMS or Microgaming slot .

For me personally i would expect a worse RTP session playing the higher vairance slots as the huge 1000x stake plus wins are what everyone plays them for and they don't come around too often , But for me i tend to do much better on these and infact have my worst sessions on low variance , Is this normal ?

I'm sure the input of some of you guys on here will help me understand this better as at the moment for me there word RANDOM seems to change its definition depending on the software you play with and the slot you play on .

When you had a terrible session was it you just clicking the mouse at the wrong time and missing those big wins or at that current time where there no big wins in the current pool of random numbers and of course the same applies the other way around when you have a lucky streak ,

Alot of slots can seem very predictable and often the play changes alot based on if you are on a good streak or a bad streak and you can pretty much predict if the next allotment of spins will either win or lose for you and there is something that just doesn't seem random about that for good or for worse

I fully believe all RTP's are exactly what they say they are and in now way are we being cheated i'm just more curious to know if how they get to that % is as random as we think ,



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I asked me that question a thousand times :)
It was figured out in other thread that for example it is not really random what you win in a Bonus round. Amount of win is fixed before you start it, so it doesnt matter which item you pick i.e.
i think ist similar with the normal spins. There is an amount you shall win or not and the picture you get is depending on it.
But furthermore i sometimes have the feeling your hole session is not random. Sometimes you can play every slot you want and you will win. My feeling is it doesnt depend on the Slot often. Games like Dead or alive may be an exception.

But that is just what i think about it, maybe im totally wrong:(


Hey ,
thanks for the reply , I fully understand that all features ,spins and graphics are just animations for the assigned number that has been generated ,And almost all feature total wins including pick me's and free spins have been pre-determined before the bonus will start , I'm more talking about how the actual random numbers are distributed , Aslong as after X amount of play they even out to whatever there RTP is ,It doesnt really matter to the casino but as a player it does as if there are set sections that contain more larger wins then smaller wins then we unknowingly have a bigger or smaller chance of winning ,

For instance at any given second you click "spin" how many random number were available to you and what did they contain , Then the same for a minute , An hour etc

If 100 of us all played the same slot at the same time ( but obv clicking at different intervals therefor getting different random numbers generated ) and we all lost out balances , Would this be due to us not clicking exactly when a large win was randomly generated or because there were no large wins within that said time frame

remember on the old download microgaming sites like 32red when they had a thing called "hot slots" or "hot or not" and there would be a RTP % for the past day of that slot , Now was this based on what could have been won based on the numbers these slots generated or was it actual players winnings while playing these slots ?

It just seems there are alot grey areas in explaining how the system works .