Royal Dynasty Casino



As an addendum this was their reply to my plea for honesty from them.

<, "Our Error, Your Loss"
<, This is one of those cases that is not a lot of fun
<, to report. It is much more pleasing when we are
<, able to negotiate and report a solution acceptable
<, to all.
<, Unfortunately, in this case, there will be no
<, meeting of the minds, or mailing of the money.
<, James wrote to us, "I was given a promotional credit
<, of $25 by Royal Dynasty Casino, on July 3rd, to try
<, their casino as a real player. They do not allow US
<, residents, but I am a German citizen, temporarily
<, residing in the US."
<, "I won $667 with the welcome bonus, but have been
<, unable to receive my winnings. I view these actions
<, as not only backing-out on a bet, but downright
<, criminal."
My address at the time of play was Asbacher Str.2
64397 Modautal Germany.

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