Ricky Gervais - one of the funniest sketches ever?


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May 22, 2012
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This was on Tw@tter earlier, or 'X' as it is now.

The genius of Ricky Gervais, had to watch this several times, still PMSL

I think that's the woman who played Victor Meldrew's wife back in the 1980's

*Contains bad language*

If I had a nan still alive at 100, this is just how I'd want her to be. :laugh:

The amazing Annette Crosbie!

If you haven’t watched After Life, Daz, it’s massively recommended. Binge watched most on a plane, never cried (happy), cried (sad) and laughed so much. Passengers nearby thought I was nuts. They’re right.
No, I've never even HEARD of the series, let alone watched it! I realised it wasn't new with the reference to the Queen's 100th. birthday telegram.

Defo a decent series and worth a watch.

I'm usually into my Crime or true life based drama series and this doesn't really fit within my usual watch. However gave it a go on others recommendations and was certainly impressed and saw it through.

AFAIK, its still on Netflix ATM. Then again, can't recall last time i powered up Netflix, it tends to be mostly full of crap these days.
As others have said well worth a watch, that scene had me in stitches at the time and again just now, like a lot of people I know I just binged watched it :)
Just to chime in here, if you haven't seen R.G. in Extras, that is definitely binge-worthy. It's chuck full of his acerbic ironic humour, and full of guest cameo roles. The premise is that he is a film "background artist" (an extra) but only in non-speaking background roles. He's dying to get a real part, so he's always cheesing up to the stars - who in most cases are totally c*&%s. :p :thumbsup:
I prefer this one:

I think this guy’s comedy is brilliant. WTF does being PC mean haha! And his cringe comedy is brilliant.

The missus on the other hand doesn’t do well with cringe. So when she does watch his stuff with me, she’s cringing at the cringe and giving me a double does of laughs haha!

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