Request gesture £10, I have problems, say Virgin

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Sep 23, 2016
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When this thread began, I actually thought the reason for the OP's complaint was being misunderstood, as the way I read it was that he has asked for the possibility of a small bonus, was refused - which he accepted - but then arbitrarily had two accounts closed due to this request being interpreted by the casino as an indication of a RG issue.

The responses from CM members ranged along the lines of:
"Why exactly were you trying so hard to beg $10 from the casino?"
"Bonus request can and should be considered possible sign of gambling problem, if somebody go to pub and start to ask free drink so passionately, i would think that one could have some sort of problem. These requests really have started to take as signs..."
'"Can i get a tenner?" to be at least somehow strong approach.'

I certainly didn't see any indication of the OP "passionately asking" for anything, and "Can I get a tenner" is a request - certainly not a strong approach.

Regarding the bonus request, this is an industry which, as bamberfishcake correctly states, have "dished out freebies upons request...", so this request was nothing out of the ordinary.

So at this moment, I must admit I was rather perplexed at some of the responses the OP was receiving.
Until post #25, and at that point, all my sympathy for the OP's situation went out the window. Talk about a rude, repulsive and abhorrent reply.

I think Halvor was spot on right at the beginning, with the comment: "I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but I assume you did not respond to kindly and starter arguing over their decision not to give you a bonus?"

We only have the OP's word that all the emails and convo's he posted here were complete, but if post @25 is an indication of how he speaks to people, then I have no doubt he is very proficient at using an editing tool for his own benefit.

Which is what he has proven to be - an absolute tool.


Sep 8, 2013
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Dec 29, 2017
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May 6, 2019
Its not such a crime, a loyal player asking if a little freebee is possible even in these weird times,
at one time regular bonuses would be offered to keep good players happy, really should not trigger
assumptions that players have a problem and end up with accounts being locked and result in intrusive
allegations and questions.
Its a horrible situation mainly of the UKGC,s making.About time they all realized that players are
actually customers and should be treated as such.
Agree. A few years back if you had a particularly rough session, there was little harm in asking for a freebie. The casino staff were generally polite and often put in a goodwill gesture, even if it was just £5. It was the token gesture that counted.

Nowadays if you have the gumption to ask you get a shitty attitude from chat and made to feel like a scrounger. That's why I wouldn't ask anymore.

No joke, a few months ago I was about 30 red rubies off levelling up for a bonus on 32Red. A few years ago, no issue, they'd be topped up. Now it's a big fat NO. When you've been with a casino for the best part of 10 years that does tend to get on your wick somewhat.

UKGC has a lot to answer for IMO.

Players in the UK have already suffered enough from having deposit bonuses and other perks cut. If anything, since the UKGC meddling, the average slots player is worse off. No bonuses, limited perks and reduced RTP!
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Aug 21, 2017
I could guess that one reason for denying these can really be amount of them. It really wasn't anything weird that earlier stated 30-40% from support contacts in normal day when there is no any issues on site, payments etc... which particularly creates contacts, were bonus requests. If you can get rid of at least part of them and by time when you keep your principle "No bonuses through support", people start to learn which places are waste of time for asking. It's not much to throw players 10 spins or few euros there and then but by doing that, you also make sure that there are loads of people asking them, if you know there is pub who hand out free pints there and then if you ask, people probably would ask if going there, online it's very short thing to do, open chat and ask bonus. Then these worse peeps who you need to ban from chat, who don't take no as an answer, who keep coming back to try to get in touch all support staff or somebody they remember by name was giving bonus earlier etc...

Now last years casinos have made effort to automate their rewards (at least many, can't say all, there are so many) that you get rewarded based on your activity, these ad-hoc bonus requests and given bonuses can make your bonus costs higher than wanted which don't look cool and can end up that people who ask most, get most instead of giving them based on your level of activity and loyalty like i guess many agree is fairer to all. Money and time could be better used somewhere else in operations, like add little bit more to rewards and get all support emails replied bit faster.

And i see OP:s reaction to be quite passionate, to get denied from bonus and then got forwarded to RG check which is pretty normal thing these days (which on it's way also tells players that don't come to ask these, we reward do reward you without you need to ask it) and then starting this thread which from first post gives a feelng that casino have stolen his money or something really huge have happened.

At least support departments are happier if bonus requests just disappeared from earth :) Especially ones who don't want to take no as an answer and refuse to leave chat, starting to ask details of every single transactions from last few years etc... some people can be really childish and annoying, happily it's really small amount people who just grow adults bit later stage.


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May 22, 2012
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You won't be asking anyone's opinion now. Bang out of order. Goodbye.
P.S. Keeping this open will only attract more crass and pointless comments. It may be tempting to reply in kind when a poster loses his/her reason, but please try not to sink to the same level. Cheers!
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