Redbet processing times getting slower!!


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Jul 22, 2015
Hi All

I've been playing on redbet about 3 months now and have had my ids and cc checked and verified. When i first started withdrawing via creditcard it really only took upto 3 hrs to process but in the last 3 weeks it takes around 18hrs to 30hrs to process!! Has something changed? The only reason why i started to play on this site was because of its fast payouts. Any suggestion or info will be greatly appreciated.
Hi Phil and welcome to CM :thumbsup: :D

Delays happen once in a while but should not be permanent. Redbet usually pays very fast, but my experience is limited to Neteller as payment method.

Click on the link, it leads you to the review page where you can see withdrawal reports and if you scroll all the way down you will find the 2 casino reps, Adam and Marius:

Click on their names and send them a PM (private message) and ask them for clarification. Would be welcome if you could update the thread with the information you receive from them.

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