Insane verification process after previously passing KYC


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Mar 11, 2015
This is the mist insane verification procedure I have experienced during my 20 years playing online.

Proof of adress - I have provided mobile bill, electricity bill, bank statement. Now they want gas or water bill (that is included in my rent).

Proof of identity -I have provided drivers license both sides. Me holding the drivers license x 2. Now they want the same with a passport or ID card. I only have a drivers license as identification document for the moment.

They have already processed two withdrawals, but for every new withdrawal request they come up with something else to get the opportunity to cancel the latest one. The past 3 weeks I have been able to withdraw 2x1000 euro -you are not allowed to have more than 1 withdrawal request active at the same time, and every withdrawal AFTER verification can take up to 72 (work) hours.

Never play at any L.C.S. Limited casino. I am exhausted.
Hi, can you name the casino(s)? That would be helpful.

It looks like most (if not all) LCS casinos are licensed in Malta in which case they'll have a Complaints procedure spelled out in the Terms. That may be one way to get at this problem.
Yeah the casinos are Sons of Slots, Nucleonbet, Lapilanders, SvenPlay and Wallacebet.

The thing is that I have to submit another complaint regarding 10 000 euro they have confiscated from me, and from experience I know there is not such a good idea to submit a complaint containing several things to complain about. Also I Will have to try to ”resolve it with the casino” and with their extremely slow response time, it delays everything further.
... with their extremely slow response time, it delays everything further.
Yeah, understood. Sometimes you have to pick your battles.

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