Question to everyone Cleopatras palace casino


Banned User
Jul 18, 2006
I was playing at cleopatras palace casino big mistake.They asked for my documents sent them 6 times they couldnt see them. i know they were fine. finally they asked for my soc security number this was highly unusual to ask for that. Then asked me all these personal questions,Anyway i was finally approved and was given my free chip for my time.verify 300. Now wait it gets better in the email i got it said congrats on getting your bonus there was a playthrough. so i tryed to cash out they told me it was play money and the funds were just to try there casino.If i would of known this i would of just played in fun mode samething. So i wasted 4 hrs that i could of been doing something better then waste my time with a fraud and a scam. Dont give out a bonus and if someone wins then tell them its play money!:mad: