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Jul 20, 2003
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Okay, I deposit $500 at this casino 3 months ago and lost it all. Then I didn't play for a while until this month. I decided to give a try.

They send me an email about a promotion. There is 10 winners will be sleceted to win money. I never won any promotion, so I didn't really care. BUT I WON $100 !!! Here is the the email I sent to them regrding this issue:

I just NEED you to explain to me since I can't get straight answer from the Live chat or respond from the support email so far. Maybe it's me misunderstnd the term and condition. You know, it's English...


Could you please explain to me how to READ the term and condition on your webiste?

I deposit $88 on 1/30 and play, almost down to 0 (like last deposit $500) and I was lucky to hit $110 and withdrawal $100 on 1/30.

You sent me an email about I won $100. Very nice and I enjoy it as it's the first time I WON a promotion, not a deposit related bonus.

Then you return the withdrawal $100 because I didn't meet the wager requirement. I thought I ONLY NEED to meet the wager requirement IF I WANT TO WITHDRAWAL the promotion. Since it's not a deposit matching bonus, I thought I has right to ask this withdrawal.

If you can advise me, it will great. Thank you!

Account number: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Here is the copy from your website:

Minimum Wager Requirements

Promotional Bonuses: Players must wager their promotional bonuses at least 15 times before making any withdrawals. (e.g. If a player is credited with a $20 bonus, the wager requirement before making a withdrawal, is $300. [20*15 = $300])

Deposit related Bonuses: Players must wager the initial deposit amount plus the bonus amount 15 times before making any withdrawals. (e.g. If a player deposits $50 and gets a $10 bonus, the player must wager at least $900 [15*($50 + $10)] before making a withdrawal)

All promotions are subject to 15 times wagering requirements unless stated otherwise on the promotion.

This is in the interest of fair casino play considering that any wager at our casino can return a sizable winning.

Please note that the following games are excluded and will not contribute towards wager requirements: Baccarat, all Blackjack game variations, Craps, Red Dog, Roulette, SicBo and all Poker variations (including Power Poker, 10 Play Video Poker and Video Poker).

Danish Players - you're too clever for us! You must wager your deposits and your bonus amounts at least 30 times before making a withdrawal.

If a player does not fulfill the wager requirements and makes a withdrawal, the entire withdrawal will be refunded to their gaming account as tokens for further play. (e.g. If you deposit $100 and you get $30 free, and on your first spin you win $1,000, your balance will be $1,130. Until you have fulfilled the wager requirement of $1,950 [15*($100+ $30)], the balance of $1,130 will be refunded to your gaming account.)

Bonuses may not be cashed out unless the wager requirements have been fulfilled.
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Hi Bewitch!
I guess that from the casino perspective the $ 100 you got from the promotion are considered a deposit related bonus.
If you didn't use it ask for the bonus to be removed, and this should give green light to the withdrawal.

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