Problems running microgaming casinos after windows update


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Jan 11, 2006
East Hampton

I was wondering if anyone else here was incapable of running any microgaming casino through thier download software recently?

After i downloaded the latest internet explorer update, i have been unable to run the download versions of these casinos. The website non-download version works fine. When i run the download version it gives me a message saying "This interactive software requires macromedia Flash Player 6 or higher". I have the latest version of this software installed, however. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the casinos to no effect.

I contacted a couple of support staffs but always got incompetent replies telling me to reboot my computer/etc.

I am guessing that the root of the problem may have something to do with new security settings that were automatically put in place after i updated internet explorer, but im not sure which one and i am not willing to comprimise the security of my computer by screwing around with this stuff that i really dont know much about.

Any suggestions would be welcome, thanks in advance.

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