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Oct 26, 2004
Just wondering if anyone can help me with a tech problem I'm having. For the last couple months I can't get any Microgaming casinos to work. After downloading I get the" Flash 6 version is required to use this site" , then get redirected to the flash download page.
Of course I already have flash installed but try to reinstall it anyway. The movie starts immediately then back to the casino where the whole process starts all over again. I must have downloaded that thing 20 times and still can't get any MG'S to work. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

There is a bit of a glitch. Best way around it is when you are directed to the macromedia site, close down all other applications, even the casino software.
Install flash version 8 then restart your computer.

This seems to be the fix that has worked for our players.

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If only it were that simple!

I have had the same advice from fortune lounge. Currently, at most MGs it is just annoying, I close the flash error page and the casino then runs OK. Unfortunately (Unfortunately???), my Casino Rewards casino(s) just refuse to launch whatsoever. Apparently, this is a "player protection measure" installed by those kind folk at Microgaming:D :D

Vinyl, Casino Rewards back on your hard drive I hear you cry, well yes, and no - blame GoneGambling!!!!!! They are "kind of compulsory", but only 50 Bucks a month in each, wagered once and then withdrawn.

Us poor old BRITS actually have one over on you "Yanks" for a change. GoneGambling forces me to use your Bucks, and the "Currency Converter", but redeem to a UK account, and presto, $25 becomes 25:D :D (pays the Neteller exchange fees nicely!)
If you aint a Brit, don't go there ($ for account redemption that is), they will bust your a**e for "bonus abuse" etc etc.....
This stinks.

The casinos were operating ok on my laptop. All I had to do was close the Macromedia install page and all was well.

Unfortunately I just got an email that I did not complete the wagering requirements on a bonus I did not know I was getting (one of those 12.5% Neteller things that gets credited many hours later). The problem is that I cannot get the casino operating on my desktop and don't have access to the laptop.

Nothing works (rebooting, closing all aps, reinstalling, etc).
Further info.

After further research I found two solutions to the problem.

The Cause, well, that will be Bill Gates and those wonderful A**H***s at Microsoft. A recent update, or "security patch" has turned off ActiveX support from IE 6 SP1 - there is NO setting that can fix this, the only solution is to install a "vaccine" that reverses the patch. The problem is that no website can install an activeX control through IE, and this prevents much of the technical side of the internet from working properly. The Flash site will say that Flash has been installed, however it has not been, the old version remains, and the MG Update needs Flash 8 (the error page is wrong, as it states only 6 or above). Not all players are affected, it depends on things like OS and other settings.
The full solution is on the forums on - if you try to use their testing tool you will get the message "activeX not supported" and it will not work - this will determine if you have this problem.

Cure 1 -
Microsoft tech note (can't remember which, but you will want a file called "urlmonfx.exe"). This will install a fix for the update MS05-054 which is what frigged up IE in the first place.

Cure 2 (Cure 1 will ensure all activex support is restored) - now owns Macromedia, look for the Flash player support pages, and download the stand alone installer for Windows. As this is executed from outside the browser, it will work even with the above bug. There is a flash uninstaller too, this fully removes flash, rather than overwriting it with the upgrade - used if the flash plugin has become corrupt.

I executed both, and I no longer have any MG casino producing this error, and even Casino Rewards casinos gained through their Webinstaller utility now launch and upgrade - I will deposit when they start answering E-mails! (I do not include an autoresponse, or a promise to refer to the appropriate person an answered E-mail). I will then need to verify that phone support works.
I cannot see how this Neteller WR crap applies though, the MG "bubble, EZBonus, ClearBonus etc" is supposed to make this kind of issue a thing of the past.

I now still have my other problem to solve (it appears that I am not alone either) - anyone would think I do this for a living:D
MG latest version flash

If anyone is still getting the error message that you need the latest version of flash when you are running your MG software try this:

Uninstall your flash player here:

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Clear your cache and temporary internet files - then exit your browser.

Re-start your browser and download the latest flash player here:

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It worked for me.

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