Resolved PP Drop Win Disappeared - Help needed


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Nov 22, 2013
deep south of Eu
Something very weird did happen to me few minutes ago

I opened a new game (sugar rush), set the betsize at 0,20 € – and so at a stake which is NOT allowing any drop win, pressed spin (so I am talking about very first spin) and immediately a pop up got opened informing I did win a drop win 80 €

Not the first time I win a frop win on PP games, and it was exactly the same pop up window.

These 80 € were NOT credited on my account, and also opening the game history there is no trace of them.

Also, I was checking the size of available drop wins: 80€ is NOT in the list - so I am a bit baffled :confused:

I tried to contact the casino, but they are not available. It’s an italian casino, so that I know they will NOT cooperate. If I am not providing any proof, I can say goodbye to this prize.

Of course my fault I did not take a screenshot, but I was feeling sure it was a matter of a few seconds and the prize was going to be credited.

Any way to contact PP people from here on CM ?

Any other suggestion or advice ?

Thanks in advance.
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Wow so people actually win those

yeah, it can happen.

for the records, this drop win of 80€ was with a 40x wagering.

the wagering was to be done on PP games only.

I could reach the 12% of the wagering when busted out.

ok, I could play for free a couple of hours. I think this is the maximum expectation a player can dream about nowadays.


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