Pokerstars Auto Call glitch


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Nov 24, 2013
So frustrated.
Was in a poker tournament on Pokerstars, and im playing along and noticed a serious glitch.
While the action is moving around the table, you have three options pre-populated that you can click on. Check/Fold, Call the current bet, or call any.
I use this feature religiously saves time. Well now for some reason, since the patch a few days back, if you click call current bet (which i did for $50) and someone raises, it AUTO CALLS any raised bets up to an ALLIN.
I had A 6, autocalled for $50, next guy raises to $7k, and it pushes me allin for my 5K.

Reported the issue to PS, cs said it is a KNOWN ISSUE, and they are working to resolve it soon, IMAGINE they havent emailed the players, put up a warning on the site anything at all! They told me i can request a refund at tournaments end for my troubles, but they are allowing poker to go on in this fashion.

Not sure how you can allow this to keep going on day after day knowing players are being pushed allin without them saying so.

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