Non-Bonus Complaint Pokerstars Casino is a scam


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Oct 16, 2018
After I deposited 200 they closed my account said extra security checks needed. Got an email said I need to provide Passport and proof of address. I sent them over in passport and bank statement. They came back and said it wasn't a legitmate document (they are and other casinos have taken them fine which clearly show passport and bank statement). They are now requesting to see my full bank card number and have mentioned that the balance will be confiscated (despite not using it) if I do not show them.

After seeing the reviews on TrustPilot I am not comfortable sending them any more details. They seem a very shady casino. Can they confiscate my deposit for refusing to send them the second requested documents?

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That's odd. I play there regularly, deposit and withdraw with little to no issues. Customer service via Live Chat seems top notch. You should reach out to them via the app, perhaps something triggered an extra security check by some coincidence, and can be sorted out.
Never have any issues with poker stars my self I think part of the problem with KYC etc is that their a bloody massive outfit and the staff are swamped.
can’t see what harm it would do giving them what they ask for?
KYC/Security checks do require more time there at the moment. Same with customers trying to access old accounts which they close for security checks, takes days before you are able to access the account.

Besides those delays/struggles, pokerstars is a fine outfit and while having an account there since 2007, I never had issues.
Their geolocation seems to be screwed up at the moment.
I can access the site. I just get auto-redirected to this...


I've checked my IP address, which is showing me as being in the UK and exactly where I should be.
I tried accessing the .com site which loads fine, but then tells me, when I attempt to log in, that I need to use the site.
No problems accessing any other site, only PokerStars

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