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Jan 4, 2002
Hi All,
I just want to notify you guys is a fraud ... I won $1100 on Sportbook and they refused to paid me, keep asking for my driver license and bank statement, which I sent in 3 mos ago .. after back and forth exchanged email and IGC involved, they came back and asking for those stuffs again, and now they're quiet since .. it just $1100 not a big deal ... I wrote them email and told them that if they can't afford to pay $1100 just say it. But they haven't reply since :), and even when I called they hung up on me .. so be careful of them .. they're cheat and cheap.
GSS software casinos, which Placemybet uses, have a reputation for not paying. I myself have been paid quickly by all except one of them. And casinos who are reputed to be OK have been a lot worse. It all seems to be so arbitrary as to who gets paid quickly and who doesn't, or not at all!

Like ndfspd I email them to say, if you aint gonna pay, just be honest enough to say rather than waste my time. To be fair, in two years of online gambling, I have now been paid by all and I am very surprised.

But I'm not "living dangerously" any more these days as more and more online casinos are hitting cashflow problems. Stick to the reputable.

Join Online Players Association who are giving warnings re problem casinos and recommend those who are considered OK.

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