Roguish PKR Casino


Dormant account
May 23, 2010
After playing on this casino PKR Casino. Ive come to the concusion it is rigged.

There slots is clearly capped on what it pays out, Not once did my wins ever get above my deposit amount when i did win something, and When i hit a win, predictably every spin was a lose after that hit. Then Hit a win, once again, win brought me to below deposit amount. This repeated itself over and over and over, each time below deposit amount and last win amount.

Ive deposit there a lot of times and it so tight it unreal. Ive given up, I now realise it was not a bad run i was having, There casino is a scam. ADVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.

Did not matter what slot, Every spin missed with the occasional win( not once did i ever win above my deposit or get above my deposit amount). And it was worse in the 30 line and 25 line slots, every spin was a lose. Each time i left a slot to go to another one, amount was always less than before i went into that slot. If you got money to burn and get off on losing, THEN PKR CASINO IS FOR YOU. OTHER WISE STAY AWAY.
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Dormant account
Oct 2, 2008
I´ve personally never played there, but a friend has and he thinks that he alwauys gets alot of playtime and even managed to cashout a few times.. Just playing slots....


Jan 12, 2001
Operators do not have control over the payouts, so either all Playtechs are rigged, or all Playtechs are not rigged.

You just had bad luck.