Payment problems at some N1 interactive casinos

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Not really here
May 31, 2015
Could someone tell me whats going on? Paradise Casino Support agents tells me for almost 24h that their manager is really busy and that my withdrawal is in the queue. And to WAIT.

They obvioulsly have problems with their payment system. If you try to deposit in CAD only ecopayz is showing. But again... Why tell a little part of the truth when you can say things that makes no sense. Especially being.really busy.... for 24h.

I went to look at n1 casino and its the same...

If ecopayz isnt touched I told to wait over and over? Whats with their strange idea that admitting anything is way worst than telling lies every 2 seconds.

Maybe homerbert can help?


Ueber Meister
Apr 2, 2011
I would say that is not good but I am on n1 right now to check and all deposit methods are showing, Not sure if totally working as I did not try but I can click on the deposit methods.

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