Paul Harvey died today (90 years young)

GGW Laurie

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He had such a great voice and will be missed, its sad that kids these days dont even know who he was, such a loss as we are losing the great ones of our generation..............laurie


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When I was a messenger I used to listen to talk radio all day. I loved his 5 minute "rest of the story" segement.

GGW Laurie

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Is his son still doing "The rest of the story?"
They say he is the writer so i hope so, im more or less talking about todays teens who never listen to talk radio, which im an avid listener, they will never know what they are missing out on, much like reading a good book for example imo.... i will leave you with Mr. Harveys best 2 words........Good day:)...................laurie


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This was one of my favorite Paul Harvey transcripts...:cool:

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