Palacegroup (Cabaretclub) gone totally mad (SMS Spam)


Dormant account
Aug 16, 2010
What the hell does these amateurs think: That i will deposit at a casino that calls me 6-8 times a day ? (From 8 A.M. till 10 P.M. !) And this for weeks. How desperate must they be to use such mindless measures to get deposits ?
(Opted out 4 days ago through livechat). One more call next week and i will take legal actions against them !

Edit: And if it´s not cabaretclub, ist gamingclub that calls me (but "only 2-3 time/week). I don´t want to imagine what would happen, if i had given them my mobile phone number. I would have to change the number with all consequeces !

Edit: With SMS i mean "voice-SMS", so everytime they call me at my landline.