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waynemasters said:
If you do, please don't send me a threatening response that is clearly not warranted.

And you think you can step into someone else's home and dictate the rules?

You're incorrect about the B&M industry getting into online - especially here in the United States. The laws here will NEVER allow for this.

If you have control over the Senate, and the House of Representatives, and President Obama, then you could be right.

The US is not some bass-ackwards country - it makes mistakes, but it also knows when something is sensible. They made a mistake with Prohibition, but later rescinded it, instead choosing to regulate alcohol. What makes you think they won't do the same with online gambling? For that matter, what makes you think you know the laws so well that the government will never be able to change them?

There are people on this board with far more experience in land-based casinos than you or I, and I speak at conferences on both online and land-based gambling, mobile gambling, problem gambling etc.

I don't hold out any hope that the US is going to reverse direction any time soon - but I do think "never" is a bit strong.
I'll start with Red Flush. Deposited well over $2000, never once cashed out. They refuse to send me any audit reports with the raw figures.

I absolutely despise Red Flush, along with Fortune Lounge.

Could you share some of the correspondence you have exchanged with these sites?

AFAIK, if you tick the playcheck button at the top of the screen in a microgaming casino you can get access to your play history.

This is paginated over many pages, which is inconvenient, but they should be able to send it you in a compiled format, no problem.

Red Flush locked my account based on "security". When I call, they give me a total runaround, managers never return calls or emails.

If there is a way around this, please let me know.
I don't think whether you have cashed out or not is a very good indicator of a casino's trustworthiness.

A lot depends on your betting style, your cashout goals, whether you take bonuses and are tied to WR, and your bet size and length of play.

Laws may be different for B&M's in PA, but here in Ontario and in Quebec B&Ms do have techs that can and do change payout percentages. Perhaps they need a certification course from the machine manufacturer, but they wear casino clothing and ID badges, unlike construction crews that wear "contractor" ID. The Quebec government run casinos can change payouts only once in a 24 hour period.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming has been involved in a number of scandals, and all the top management has recently been removed. Lottery and scratchcard payouts are being further reduced, and payback to players is in the 46% range. Proline, legalised sportbetting, has odds that would make a New Jersey bookie hoot with disdain.

I'm not sure I would trust government run online casinos any more reputable than some of the current operators. Especially if the payouts are as poor as for the current games.

Jasmine, thanks for your response. I actually grew up in Western New York (Amherst) and have a ton of friends in So. Ontario. I've read about the OLGC scandals and frankly, it did surprise me. The New York and Pennsylvania Lotteries are both about the same as the OLGC in terms of odds. Especially the Instant Tickets/Scratchers, the odds are incredibly pitiful. We recently got a $30 Instant Ticket called "Million Dollars A Year for Life". The odds are 1 in 2.90, or something to that effect. When you go to the lottery website and see the actual breakdown of the prize structures, people would be angry to see that you actually BETTER odds of hitting a top prize on a $2 or $5 Instant Ticket. The Texas Lottery has a $50 Instant Ticket! Can you imagine...

Old / Expired Link

The odds are horrible for such an expensive wager. I've done some research and based on what I've found, the Florida Lottery has the fairest prize structure set up for its games - especially the Instant Tickets. Like the OLGC, the Virginia and Indiana Lotteries both were involved in lawsuits recently, and the claimants won their respective cases.

The truth of the matter is this, and I think this is something we can all agree on - it only takes on bad apple to spoil the bunch.

On a side note & unrelated to the above - one thing I really miss from "back home" is President's Choice "The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie"... They are the BEST :oops:)
Fair play to you Wayne you clearly have a lot of passion for gaming in general. And you are right to question things.

I just think you are coming at this from the wrong angle. For example I have had a couple of big wins at Red Flush. If I was to post them up here would it prove anything though?

But for me what makes Red Flush a worthy accredited casino is that when the wins came they paid up quickly and efficiently. The problem with CoolCat was never with the RTG software. Infact plenty of player racked up huge wins. The software and the winning was never the issue.

The fundamental issue with the major software casinos is not the gaming but the paying! These major suppliers - Playtech, MG, Cryptologic, Wagerworks et al have systems that have been played over billions of hands. The thing about these online systems is that if you really want to you can test their software yourself over millions of hands/spins. It really is possible to do this on a single PC.

Look I know it's tough you lost a big amount of money. But the much greater risk is winning a shedload and not getting paid. For example Eurolinx an MG casino went bust last week - all players funds have vanished. What if you had played and won big there?

By all means post up your player logs etc and people will take a look at them. It will at least give you an answer even if it might not be the one you are looking for. But put it this way - I spent about 5% worrying about software fairness and 95% worrying about getting paid.
Law, I offer my sincerest apologies for coming across as being rude. That was not my intention. On the land side, I am definately a seasoned professional. On the online side, I am a novice that has lost thousands.

To answer your question, the sites that have not provided me with audits:

1. Lucky Emporer (CR Group)
2. Any of the Cirrus, Cool Cat conglomerate sites
3. Sloto Cash
4. Any of the Parlay gaming sites
5. Villento Group
7. Red Flush
8. Fortune Lounge

This is just a few. When I say I have spent thousands - I mean that literally. The only site that I have been able to cash out on was Doyles (when they were running MG). My experience at Doyles really spoke volumes to me regarding site payouts, related to the software - and by that token, meaning the casino itself (and not the software manufacturer) sets the payouts of the games. I can say with an iron clad guarantee that in Pennsylvania (for example) casinos, the only way to change the payout percentages is through the slot machine manufacturer.

Again, I am sorry if I offended you, or anybody else on the forum.

When you talk about casinos being able to change the payout on software there is allegedly an issue woth RTG over this. It you search the threads here you can find the details. However i have not heard of any major software being manipulated like this.

A bad payout % will only really hit you over the long run. Unless you played tons at Coolcat it would not have affected you much. And having said that I don't really know what their payouts are set to. They could be good for all I know.

Online gaming is pretty complicated! But believe me a lot of the answers are here in the threads.
Presidents Choice

That sounds sooooo good! I think Presidents Choice has better products than national brands that cost twice as much. Now I just wish we had a Loblaws or Zehrs down here hehe.
To answer your question, the sites that have not provided me with audits:

3. Sloto Cash
5. Villento Group
7. Red Flush
8. Fortune Lounge
Could you please provide me the contact person you requested these audits from? You can either post it here or PM me. Thanks!

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