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May 15, 2002
Visalia, California
It's been a while since I recorded a Cipher strand that came in as low as 26.67%. This session could have been a substantial loss had I not bailed it out on line 48. If you take a look at the separations shot you'll see how the small values were being seeded into play on hands #45, #46 and #47. Have a good one.
The reason i dont @#$# with playtec. 16 wins out of dealt hands.
Please show more sessions from playtec
I have to say that i'm not surprised by those BJ results. Playtech BJ has burnt me several times. It annoyed me so much that i actually went back for more and got same result. Its not quite as rigged as Lucky Chance casino's BJ which is just blatant. I also have reservations about Global Player's BJ particularly their 6 Deck Game with early surrender which deals something like half the shoe.
Yep, that's a fairly standard session of Playtech BJ - I'd be interested to see results for BJ Switch, which seems as though it might be fair in comparison. VP's the only game I'd more or less trust at Playtech.
I really don't know how Playtech get away with such obvious rigging of their BJ. Anyone is going to need a lot more than the bonuses that Playtech casinos give you to finish on top.
yep, but it really does vary from casino to casino. ive encountered some playtechs that seemed somewhat fair. Same goes with RTG. however most do have these types of results. MG bj is the fairest by far. Either that or live casinos (casino webcam, dr ho).

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