Do you need to record all your game play?


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Dec 1, 2017
I was playing on rizk yesterday. Did do a small bet on fotball.
In middle of the 2 half i check out the cashout on my bet, its was about 25€.
I push it but nothing happens, i try it for few minuts and get the same error.
Then i was thinking that there was some issue with malta yersterday, so i did do a 1 min recording about what happens, to show to rizk support.
Today i did go to rizk support and ask what did happen, did send them the video. Here is the video and the support chat after.

Henry (12:07:03): Hi Jere, hope all is well, would you be able to have this conversation in English please?
Jere (12:07:18): hi, it ok henry
Jere (12:07:42): i had some issue with my cashout on betting yesterday. it did not work
Jere (12:07:53): i made a video of it.
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This is for rizk support to see
Henry (12:07:58): Sorry to hear this

Jere (12:08:14): was it because of the malta problems yesterday ?
Henry (12:08:52): It seems as though there was a change in the value of the cashout, and it backe unavailable in the moment which you tried to cash out
Henry (12:09:09): As you may know, cashout can fluctuate in and out of availability at any point in time, and is never guaranteed
Jere (12:09:28): if it dont work in 10 min. then its not working
Jere (12:09:41): if i push the button 10 min in row.. and no one is workign then..
Jere (12:09:43): its not workin
Jere (12:09:53): i just made a 1 min video.. just to show you
Henry (12:10:14): Why didn't you contact us about this issue, when the issue was occurring ?
Jere (12:10:47): and w8 in line few minuts.. then tell you what is happenign.
Jere (12:10:54): and then its already 20 min later.
Henry (12:13:36): Sorry to hear that you were having this issue
Henry (12:14:28): Unfortunately, the video shows the issue only happening once
Henry (12:14:51): I'm really sorry about this, but it seems as though the value simply became unavailable as you were trying to claim it
Henry (12:14:58): In fact once this was done it was no longer there
Jere (12:15:08): ?
Jere (12:15:22): are you looking at the same video ?
Henry (12:15:30): In the future please get in touch with us when the issue is happening because we can get the traders to look at the live cash out value
Henry (12:15:51): Yes I am watching the one you sent me, the video is 1:01, you try to cash out, it fails, and then the value is no longer there
Jere (12:17:39): you just see me clicking it 1 time =?
Henry (12:18:00): Yes
Jere (12:18:26): so you dont see me hitting the button 6 times in the video ? 6 diffferent times ?
Jere (12:18:40): where the value changes.
Jere (12:18:55): and i refresh the site few times ?
Henry (12:23:24): No
Henry (12:23:29): The video length is 1:01
Jere (12:24:19): ok .. :D

Here im LOL my ass off.

Henry (12:24:39): Sorry about the mix up
Henry (12:24:42): My fault there
Henry (12:24:56): You were right, this seems to have been in line with the site issues
Henry (12:25:04): Sorry about this, my fault completely
Jere (12:25:09): ok
Henry (12:25:21): Unfortunately, it was displaying an expired value which didn't update
Henry (12:25:29): This is why you couldn't claim it but it kept showing
Jere (12:27:29): so its displayed it almost 10 min ..
Henry (12:28:17): Unfortunately, that is still not showing in the video, and I can't confirm how long this was incorrectly displayed
Jere (12:28:32): that is true..
Henry (12:29:56): We will not be able to do anything about this

Jere (12:29:56): i cant prove more then 1 min.... but hope your system can check how many time and long i did push the cashout button
Jere (12:30:03): its ok..
Henry (12:30:04): Unfortunately the value you was still not available
Henry (12:30:09): And we will not be able to credit anything
Henry (12:30:12): I am sorry about this
Jere (12:30:14): its ok
Jere (12:30:17): no worrries.
Jere (12:30:42): ty for your time, have a good day .
Henry (12:30:55): Apologies, I wish I could do more about this. However, if you need anything else, we're here 24/7 for you, feel free to contact us again. Have a good one! Bye.

It seem the only way is, that you need to record all your sessions, when you need to prove what happen.

Have a nice weekend everyone.
The thing is, and i dont know if everybody is in agreement, but this kind of thing is a daily. I think the whole industry could do with training their support staff better. They are so rude but at least the guy apologised for his mistake. You cant really blame him. He may have had no customer service experience and more than likely a severe lack of training.

I blame Rizk for not training their staff better and not giving better support.

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