Omni Casino. Good Bonus Conditions?


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Sep 30, 2004
Now that time has passed since the previous bonus furore how do people view the casino?

The monthly bonus is a very good one in my opinion, $100 a month with decent WR and few restrictions.

I have never had a problem receiving this bonus, always paid the day after qualifying no questions asked.

The casino appears strong with a good reputation. Should the casino be back in the Meisters 'accredited' list? Yes in my opinion!

Any thoughts out there ( and for brevity can we not rake up the past too much unless these problems are still extant )?

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But nothing's changed. Players could still wager $4000 and then only be told afterwards that they're not eligible for the bonus (it's perfectly possible to be banned despite their questionable definition of 'bonus abuse' not applying). It's not the worst casino trick out there, but it is a trick. If they don't want it to look that way (and earn them extra cash), then they could just send out a simple e-mail to every player they currently consider ineligible for the bonus. They've never done that, so I don't see why they should be allowed back into the 'accredited casinos' section.
I agree with the above post.
In fact, Onmi are verging on 'rouge' as far as I'm concerned.

I only played there for a few months about 2-years ago, until they stopped offering monthly incentives.

I recently thought about giving them another go, even though I'm not too keen on their 'wager $4000 and we might, or might not, give you a bonus' policy.
Just to be on the safe side, I contacted them to make sure I would be eligible for the bonus, and was told I was banned from all bonuses because once, 2-years ago, I had withdrawn my original funds (no profit) before meeting the WR on a bonus. This must have been a mistake on my part, because I never knowingly do that.

But what annoys me is that they never informed me that I was banned. Not even a simple e-mail did I get. So they would have let me deposit & play, only to find out later that I wouldn't get the bonus. To me, that is entrapment.

The silliest thing about their latest policy, is that the bonus is COMPLETEY different to what they had before. They used to give you the bonus on deposit, and only allow withdrawal of profits on completion of WR. This DID allow people to withdraw their deposit if they were having 'a bad time'. The new system, where you have to meet WR before getting the bonus, completely eliminates that kind of 'abuse' - so I don't understand what their problem is!

But anyway - who cares? There are plenty of sites offering 'proper' bonuses & incentives, without having to bother with these jokers. Sod 'em!
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