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Nostalgia Cipher Strand

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by cipher, Sep 14, 2004.

    Sep 14, 2004
  1. cipher

    cipher Banned member - being a jerk

    Well now that The Phoenician and Nostalgia casinos have signed on with the Casinomeister let's see what kind of special deal they have in store for the members of Casinomeister. After all Dean, remember that old phrase "Seeing is believing."

    I've attached another session of free play from Nostalgia that I just finished.

    If anyone has any concerns about the results of their real play session at Nostalgia casino over the next couple of days and you would like to have your real play session converted to a Cipher Strand, just request your log data files from Nostalgia, post them here and I'll convert that data to a Cipher Strand and that way I won't even be accused by Dean of cherry picking sessions to record or manipulating the data.

    Hell, to make it interesting, I'll even do three sessions (one session per person) but for the sake of my time keep the sessions to 60 hands or less. Have a good one.

  2. Sep 14, 2004
  3. sw2003

    sw2003 Dormant account

    somewhere :)
    So are we supposed to draw any conclusions from this strand? This particular session doesn't look too bad compared with others from Phoenician that you have posted.

    I sort of lost the point of your more recent posts! Whenever you post a strand, does it mean you are of the opinion that particular casino or software isn't quite fair or .... ? :confused:
  4. Sep 14, 2004
  5. cipher

    cipher Banned member - being a jerk

    Well if you compare this session of free play to the results that you find in real play there is generally a sigificant difference. Have a good one.
  6. Sep 14, 2004
  7. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    You've lost me as well. I have no idea what these posts are all about. It's like you are incinuating that operators are able to pull switches or sprinkle magic fairy dust on their computers to make the software do certain things. RTG operators have no control over the software. They are merely managing the casinos.
  8. Sep 14, 2004
  9. Sodax77

    Sodax77 Dormant account

    Human Being
    I Agree that.

    And i don't play BJ (maybe sometimes, but not regularly), neither collect any log-files, or checking "Cipher Strand's" never, etc

    But i still have suggestion. If you are really interesting to proof something, why don't you (all) (who want) create some section to some forum, where people can send their log-files. Make some rules/standards to this log-center. And when you have millions and millions hand, and all log-files is review correctly. Just publish that. If this kind of site/forum-section is exist somewhere, you have to tell people! So they can be part of this (if they want).

  10. Sep 14, 2004
  11. caruso

    caruso Banned User - repetitive violations of 1.6 - troll

    Casino apologist
    I wouldn't make too many assumptions about who can do what with whatever software. There is no evidence to support the claim. RTG operators can 1) adjust number of decks and 2) set the payout on the pure slots; setting the payout on all the remaining "slots" - ie. table games I don't see as being remotely distict. Reels are spun / "cards" are dealt.

    Any data posted publically is of great value insofar as anomalies may be brought to light. That they are not on any given session is not a disincentive to publish random data.

    Cipher - clarification here: you can run any log files through your programme and get a stats breakdown? I'm not clear yet about the actual purpose of the programme (pure stats? "trends"?), but I'd be delighted to give you my Bodog results for analysis. There are many thousands of hands so it may be beyond your capacity, but I'd be a very worthwhile experiment.
  12. Sep 14, 2004
  13. GrandMaster

    GrandMaster Ueber Meister CAG

    Mathematician by day, online gambler by night.
    Truegambler's Online Casino Analyzer is trying to do something like this. The problem with Cipher strands is that you have to enter the data by hand, so people could enter fake data or submit genuine data selectively.
  14. Sep 14, 2004
  15. cipher

    cipher Banned member - being a jerk

    You can choose to believe whatever you want to believe. Whatever that might be, is based only on what someone else has told you. I'd like to know what FACTS you might have to offer in support of a comment such as "They are merely managing the casinos."

    What's happening between you and Realtime Gaming now Bryan is nothing different than what you where trying to set up last year by "posting the bail" for the clowns at Hampton and Delano casinos and totally trashing the pirate. It was all about the green then and it's all about the green now.

    Now we have the same possibilities of the Crystal Palace coming back into play again. Fortunately a stake has finally be driven through the heart of the heart of Delano Casino or I guess you'd be trying to ressurect them as well.

    Lastly Bryan, you havn't got a clue as to who you're dealing with as far as this Phoenician and Nostalgia number is concerned, but everytime you've chosen to get involved with anything RTG you've gotten burned badly.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2004
  16. Sep 14, 2004
  17. cipher

    cipher Banned member - being a jerk

    Hi Caruso, I've emailed you an email address that will handle any size file you want to send incident to the aforementioned BoDog files. Have a good one.
  18. Sep 14, 2004
  19. bpb

    bpb Banned User - repeated violations of rule 1.14 (tr PABnorogue PABnonaccred

    I'd love to know what FACTS you have to offer in support of the view that no online casino deals a fair table game.

    All I see are is the continual posting of statistically insignificant samples of hands.

    I have not once seen anyone post a set of logs that suggest that RTG or Microgaming is not giving a fair deal.
  20. Sep 14, 2004
  21. cipher

    cipher Banned member - being a jerk

    I couldn't care less about what you've seen or what you havn't seen.
  22. Sep 14, 2004
  23. bethug

    bethug Banned User - Winner of the "<a href="http://www.c

    bpb, why should cipher post in detail what he has, people not going to believe it anyway. For some reason people think the casinos or the software compaines deal a fair game, i have played way to many hours on land and online to be fooled. Each software and sometimes casino i have to play a different way. :rolleyes:
  24. Sep 14, 2004
  25. Black21Jack

    Black21Jack Dormant account

    Courier driver
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    You can't win here. No matter what you say people will say the opposite, just like I posted a while back in a few threads. If cipher posted his strands in support of a particular casino software people would jump down his throat for that too. I find his posts useful and interesting, and if I didn't I would not read the thread.
  26. Sep 14, 2004
  27. bewitch

    bewitch Dormant account

    Home, sweet home
    LOL~ Pretty truth...:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :D

    Ciper, when will you arrive Vegas?
  28. Sep 14, 2004
  29. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Cipher, this is my god damn forum, and when I question what your posts are all about, I do not expect this as part of your reply. "It was all about the green then and it's all about the green now." "Posting the Bail"?? "but everytime you've chosen to get involved with anything RTG you've gotten burned badly"

    Where in the f*** have I been burned?! What the hell is going on in your head when you reply like this?

    Imagine me really pissed off, because that is what I am at the moment. You don't make statements like this and don't think I will not take them seriously. I can take criticism, but to imply that I'm on the take or making bumbling decisions was way out of line.

    If you wanted an open dialogue between the operators and software provider and your data - then you should have approached me and arranged this. I could have set up a specific section have all of this reviewed in public, or private, or whatever. But to trash me when I question what is going on in my forum in unacceptable.
  30. Sep 14, 2004
  31. DeMango

    DeMango Dormant account

    Postal Clerk, Residential Contractor
    Englewood, FL USA
    Truth is a rare commodity in this industry but we must for the sake of others and our wallets find it. We have all seen some zany runs playing table games on these casinos. I hope that FairDice or TrueGambler can prove or insure a fair game for all. I know my results have been .5 to 1.5 less than expected value for BJ at some of the leading software providors. I await software (via mail) from Stanley - its my last attempt at a fair game!
  32. Sep 14, 2004
  33. bethug

    bethug Banned User - Winner of the "<a href="http://www.c

    bryan, the only thiing that will work is random testing , when you tell a casino or software compnay someone going to test it, i am for sure they will deal a fair game. When they audit my books, i dont know when they coming.

    also cipher software everytime i see shows a win, he must know something we dont
  34. Sep 14, 2004
  35. caruso

    caruso Banned User - repetitive violations of 1.6 - troll

    Casino apologist
    Amen, brother. I can't think of a statement I could agree more whole-heartedly with.

    Honest, independent, verifiable regulation.

    Excuse me while I dream a bit.
  36. Sep 14, 2004
  37. spearmaster

    spearmaster RIP Ted

    Devil's Advocate
    What bethug said.

    The strand shows a win - so is Cipher just posting normal results or are we supposed to see something in there that indicates that some abnormality is present? Or are we supposed to be starting some sort of conspiracy LOL...

    I think everyone can take this discussion down about five notches - personally I do not see anything wrong on either side, except a couple of you letting emotions get the better of you (not that it doesn't happen to me either LOL).
  38. Sep 14, 2004
  39. cipher

    cipher Banned member - being a jerk

    Hi Bewitch;

    I live in the central San Joaquin Valley in California and from the time "wheels are up" it takes me about 25 minutes to get to Vegas. So I'm not locked into any particular time of arrival or fortunately departure. But if you're going to be there I won't miss the opportunity to get together. Have a good one.

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