Nostalgia Casino: how long withdrawals take?

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Oct 3, 2010
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Anyone play there still ?
As i just had a phone call from some agent yesterday and she told me i had 29 bux in my account and a 100% bonus
Well long story short i withdrew 600 from thos 29 after wagering šŸ™‚ havent been there in ages so dont know how long withdrawals take ?used to be 48 hours pending if i remember correctly
Hope all goes smoothly as is it really was Nostalgia for me really enjoyed going back to some old MGS games šŸ˜€ so i will be back if all goes well
almost 120 hours now still reversible :confused: not cool but got about 2-3 emails and SMS from them reminding me of the 100% i got as well
even 1 mail congratulating me on a good run, so perhaps i should try for the Progressive Jackpots :cool:
but in all fairness got a PM from @Renee_RA thursday were she told me it was indeed 48 hour pending period
and if there was anything i should tell her. so hopefully she sees this and can push the withdrawal through :)
think waiting for cashout that long was back in the days when i played rogue RTG casinos and didnt know better :lolup:
well it got put back into my account ufff apperntly because of this as i said been a while since i withdrew from them
so back to the waiting game :( left me me little this time and withdrew $500 now lets see :)screen.jpg
I plat at UK Casino Club which is part of the group, never any probs, and I enjoy the old Microgaming slots. :thumbsup:
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@The Viking

CR still has a pending period of 48 hours, as far as I am aware.

But they also do not process cashouts at weekends, so the timing of your cashout request can result in waiting a little bit longer.
For example, if you request a cashout sometime on a Wednesday, by the time it comes out of pending (on Friday), it is too late for any planned "payment run" CR has in place that day. And as a result, your cashout doesn't get processed until Monday.

Then there is the time difference to take into account, with CR being based in Australia, which is what, 9 or 10 hours ahead of where you are?
All I know is that there has been the odd occasion where I have made a cashout request on a Wednesday morning and it hasn't hit my bank account until the following Wednesday. For the simple reason that it came out of pending a few hours too late to be included in the Friday payment run.

@Renee_RA can correct me if I am wrong here, but going from personal experience, anytime I requested a cashout to NETELLER, it almost always landed in my NETELLER account sometime between 3.30am and 6am UK time, which would suggest that the payment runs at CR take place sometime between noon and 3pm Australian time.

I've been with CR for over 8 years now, and with the odd exception, cashouts have always been processed within the timeframe you would expect from a casino that has a 48 hour pending period. Bottom line for me is this.....I TRUST them to payout when I win.

IIRC, this issue has been discussed in the past with regards to other (now former) MG Viper casinos, such as 32Red.
I seem to recall the odd CM member saying "If you don't want to be waiting a week for a cashout to hit your bank account, don't be playing at 32Red on a Wednesday" :laugh:

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