Vegascrest payouts take over a week now.. further increase!


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Jul 6, 2010
Hello, I posted a while back that Vegascrest increased their withdrawal times to 4 days. Well, now they have increased them to 5-7 Business days. I have been waiting since the 5th for a payout which I assumed would arrive on wednesday via BTC. Now it is Firday and nothing. Since they only process payouts during the week, I will now have to wait until Monday. This will be an entire week of waitng. Way too long in my opinion. Last time I had a delayed payout it was due to coinspaid haivng issues. Now it is just a huge delay for no reason. it would be faster to simply do a bank transfer.

If anyone else plays here, do yourself a favor and just use bank tranfer for payouts. No reason for BTC to take an entire week. This is insanity. I like VC, but I think it might ne time to move on. I will try bank transfer on my next pauout and see how that goes. Going to process a bank transfer tight now and let everyone know how long that takes.
Payout receibed this morning. Took longer than usual. But at least you know it will come. Still one of the best sites online IMO. .

I just think 1 week for a BTC payput is a little too long. Should be instant.. or 2-3 days.
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