No Reggae fans at Casinomeister??


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Jun 30, 1998
C'mon! What's up with you people? The Bierfest is still going strong and no one has correctly answered last week's bierfest question.

I guess I've finally stumped my membership :D

This was it - let's play "Name that Tune." Identify the song, artist, and album/CD of this reggae tune mon'. Old URL

First complete correct answer wins $50 or beer!! Submit your answers here :D
Buzzcocks "Ever fallen in love with?" B side "Shit."

"Oh Shit" was the track to be precise...all 2 minutes and 20 seconds of it. Classic - but it wasn't the B-side of "Ever Fallen In Love" over was b-side picture sleeve....damn...


..."What Do I Get" :D

PS. Yes I know this has nothing top do with Reggae Bryan :D
Okay - I'm upping it up to $100.

I bet no one can figure this song out by 12pm Central European time Thursday. If no one guesses who and what this is by then, $100 is all mine bwha ha ha ha ha.

You have a little less than 12 hours to go. :D

Here's a hint - it's not a dancehall reggae group :D

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