Ha ha ha! I've finally stumped my Casinomeister members!!


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Jun 30, 1998
Many of you are aware that I've been running the Bierfest for the past several weeks; I ask a question, you come up with the correct answer and bam! either $50 cash or Beer sent to your address.

So far it's been a breeze for everyone. I thought I had some difficult questions, here's a few for instance:

What happened to Jimi Hendrix's guitar he smashed up at the Monterey Pop festival?

What Motel room did Marion Crane check into at the Bate's Motel?

And - name the movie star who plays a cirus performer that apparently has no arms. But he does have arms; he keeps them hidden and one of his hands actually has two thumbs. What was the character's name and who played him?

Or - identify this sound clip:

These questions were answered with in minutes of being published in the newsletter or broadcast in the webcast. So I've been dishing out the cash - and beer :D

Until this week. Well looks like I stumped you all. With this one:

Put on your thinking caps and identify this clip - the movie and the characters - first one to do so wins $50 or FREE BEER!!


No one has guessed this right yet. :D Ha ha - the beer is mine! Or shall I up the stakes? Or should I give you a hint :D

C'mon! Give it a shot. And for every incorrect answer - you owe me a beer. How about that? :D
By the way, I was really impressed on how many Lon Chaney fans are out there. You guys a pretty smart. :thumbsup:
Hmmm very tricky. I'm thinking along the lines of HG Wells "The Time Machine".
More hints

There are no Cat Women in this. They aren't on the moon, and it wasn't directed by Ed Wood.

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