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May 15, 2003
I have a couple of questions about cashout requirements. I haven't actually started online gambling yet -- I thought it might be interesting to ask questions before it's too late to use the answers.

To indulge my paranoia, I'm planning to establish a bank account only for gambling, tie that to my NETeller account, and then use NETeller for all transactions with casinos. I am extremely reluctant to give any casino my CC information for any reason. Is that likely to pose any problems?

I've seen considerable forum traffic regarding requirments to fax of driver's license, credit cards, etc. Are these typically required if the cashout is to a NETeller account (the same account from which funds were initially deposited)? My play will be at well-rated place (such as CON, InterCasino, etc.). I understand that my mileage may vary, and that not all casinos have the same requirements, but it sounds like there's considerable similarity for most casinos.

Are there any other hoops I'm likely to have to jump through to get my money back (other than not losing all of my deposit plus any bonus)?

Thanks in advance.

- Case
Hi Case,

Most casinos don't require you to divulge CC information, since if you reside in the US, your CC is more or less useless to them. So this should not pose any problem.

Opening a Neteller account via a special bank account sounds like a good idea. Neteller only requires your banking details in order to move funds from your bank account to them. There is no credit card involved unless you voluntarily provide this.

As for xeroxing DLs passports etc., this is only required by the casino in order to establish that you are you and not a fraudulant player. I think the only ones who are still doing this are RTG and Playtech sites. I don't believe Crypto or Microgaming do this anymore.

But I would recommend scanning your passport or DL and make a nice jpg out of it (not too big - under 400k or so). This way if any casino requests Identification (along with a current utility bill or bank statement), you can send it as an attachment and they can print it out. This works much better than this "faxing a photocopy" crap since photocopies of photographs look like doo-doo. I haven't had to do this for quite awhile now.

Again this process is normally done when the casino needs to verify that you are you. This protects both the player and casino. There has been a number of cases involving identity theft over the last couple of years, but third party cash processors are making this happen less often.
Fortune Lounge Group (Microgaming) absolutely requires a number of these documents, including proof as to how you've financed your neteller account! They even want copies of bank statements and/or cc bills to show the deposits to neteller!! This is outrageous in my opinion.

How I fund my neteller account is none of anyone's business. :mad:


Virtually all of the other Microgaming casinos that utilize Proccyber as their processor will also require these documents before you get your money.
Which Fortune Lounge casinos do this? I've never had this problem at Fortune Lounge. I don't think I've ever sent any of my details either for a cash-in. Most have been for $200-300 each.

But then again, I may have been in the system for a long time.

<hr size=0>quote:<p>...including proof as to how you've financed your neteller account<hr size=0>​
this sounds so familiar, I can't seem to be able to jar the cobwebs out of my brain, but I think I handled a player complaint concerning this?? :wtf: I have to go through my records or something. I'm sure there was an explanation for this. What it was eludes me right now.
I may have complained about this before, that may be what you're remembering. I've yet to get a satisfactory explanation though. I can see no reasonable need for this type of detail by the casino. If neteller sends them the funds I deposited, then that should be sufficient proof that I'm ok with neteller, who has a certification process of their own.

It was from Royal Vegas, and much of my debate was over the phone with them. They insisted upon having this information and when I told them I wouldn't supply it, they said that I would not get my money if I didn't, so it was my choice. Here's an excerpt from the email:

&lt;, Hi ****,
&lt;, Vicky here from Fortune Lounge casinos.
&lt;, Thank you for contacting us with your query.
&lt;, I have confirmed that we do not have the requested information on
&lt;, file. The
&lt;, Player Security needs a bank statement for the banking account that
&lt;, funds
&lt;, your Neteller account
as well as your drivers license, utility bill,
&lt;, credit
&lt;, card funding Neteller or bank statements and a copy of credit card
&lt;, ending
&lt;, card ending ****. Please feel free to contact me for further
&lt;, assistance.
&lt;, Thanking you in advance.
&lt;, Vicky
&lt;, Support Consultant

If you want further info Bryan, let me know and I'll email you privately copies of everything I have. I'll need your address though.
Wow, that is incredibly intrusive. It seems pretty clear to me that, while some of these procedures may be for casino and player security, some of them are designed simply to make cashing out arduous enough that players are encouraged not to bother, but instead to continue playing small deposits in order to get a big enough win to make it worthwhile.

I'm planning to email any casino I'm considering playing at in order to clarify promotion T&Cs and withdrawal policies. I just hope that the support person fully understands them and that the casino doesn't change them after I've begun playing.

Thank you both for the info and tips.
LOL, I meant your email address Bryan!

Case, most of them simply ask for a copy of photo ID, a utility bill, and copies of front & back of cc if used and a copy of the statement to confirm you own the card. All of those are perfectly reasonable to me, though I questioned the need for a photo ID. I then found out that was a requirement of the cc companies. Like Bryan said, scan these (b&w scans will save space), crop them to be no bigger than necessary, and save them as .jpg files. Then when you need to, just email the info they request. It saves alot of time.
I think the most important factor here is regarding Neteller. Case, Neteller will not open an account for you, unless you give them your Social Security Number. I never really minded giving my CC numbers to casinos, but when companies, who are not even in the US such as Neteller want my SSN, I refuse to deal with them.

On the flip side of all this nonsense with casinos wanting our personal information, I wonder why we comply? After all, we give them OUR money in good faith. Hoping that they are legit, their software is not rigged, that we will get paid should we win, etc. I think the casinos should send us their info prior to us playing. After all, we do not know exactly who we are giving it to and whether or not they are decent. Let's not forget what Atlantic Interbet Casino did last October. They just closed their doors and told their players "tough shit", you are not getting paid. Everyday there is a new post of someone having a problem with a casino. So if they can scrutinize us, we should be allowed to do the same to them, prior to giving them our money.
Bryan, I'm still looking for your email address so I can send you this info. Thanks.

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