Your Input Please NEW RECORD IN CRAZY TIME 12500X


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Aug 25, 2004
Bexhill on sea, England
Crazy time Bonus game CASH HUNT 25x with a starter of 500x turned in to 12.5k X

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Anyone hit it in here?
Extremely unlikely!
I don't know how many did hit it, but probably only a handful of the 1000's playing at the time (getting the biggest pay-out is only a 1 in 108 chance on Cash Hunt), so of the millions of gamblers in the world, the chances of any CM members being the lucky one is extraordinarily unlikely - but it would be great if one was! :thumbsup:

I played quite a bit of Crazy Time back in Sep/Oct, but soon realised that it is an addictive money-eating machine which can quickly destroy your sanity! The RTP and way it works is the same as any high variance slot - bucket loads of losing or tiny win spins and a very small chance of hitting a biggie. But somehow it seems worse than a slot because you can actually see the RNG (the wheel) in action.
Also, as most people probably bet on more than one outcome like I do, even your small wins seem better than they actually are;
e.g. If you're betting on 4 outcomes, you need a win of x4 just to get your money back.



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Aug 9, 2012
All I know is that when the money gets big on that I always pick the same one and it would have been one of the lowest multipliers so even at 175x I’d have been proper pissed off!