new playtech games at Carnival Casino


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Oct 20, 2004
I just logged into Carnival Casino a moment ago and saw that they have 3 new games - Blackjack Surrender, Derby Day, and the 25-line version of Aces & Faces video poker.

The new blackjack variation, as its name implies, allows the surrender option on the first two cards. Also, the dealer checks for blackjack when he has a facecard showing before it's the players turn. This differs from the regular blackjack that Playtech offers where it's "no peek" for blackjack.

And Derby Day is a virtual horse racing game.
Hi, just thought I'd tell you

I played at Carnival Casino too as they are owned by Club Dice Casino. I do pretty good at Roulette but Club Dice just raised their bet minimums on Roulette to $5 per chip. They totally eliminated their $1 chip so I guess they cater to only rich people. Can you please tell me if Carnival is using $5 minimum chips or $1 minimum chips on their live Roulette or Sic Boe? I know Golden Palace has the same video feel as club's the same girls in the video's at both they are sharing the video feed. Also, Club Dice has the new games too. The most I won at Captain's Treasure has been about $500 I think about a year ago. That's the most I ever won and I play their slots almost every other day for at least 15 minutes. But I bet 45 cents and $.90 and $2.25 and no more than that cause the money can go fast.

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