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Jun 20, 2005
Hi Peeps ...

Is Micro to come out with new games this month? I believe I read somewhere they were. However, I can't recall where?!

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
Haha@ " Soon we'll need a separate PC for each casino!" Thanks KK, that was funny. ( Hopefully not gonna be true. )
Yup - should be tmrrw. The pick of the bunch looks like the video slot "Kathmandu" - 15 free spins each with a 2x - 5x multiplier (triggerred by 3 scatters abnywhere in view) - so "Thunderstruck" meets "Harveys". Downside is i bet it plays in coins...ah well...sounds like its worth a try anyway.

And "All Aces" Video Poker - single hand.

Couple of others due too including a "Wheel Of Wealth" 5 Reel variation i think.
KasinoKing said:
Yes they are.

Where is this going to stop??
Soon we'll need a separate PC for each casino! :eek:

I agree! Unless MG begins to offer some sort of option to decline downloads of specific games, and maybe even an option to remove specific games (I never play Keno, for instance), players' computers are going to be in one heck of a mess. I've already found myself installing and reinstalling casinos to alternate partitions on my hard drive in an effort to better manage what space I have left.

I have a 60 Gig HD, btw. And believe it or not, I do need room on it for a few other things besides casinos. :p
Look out for the new 5 reel 25 liner video slot Wheel of Wealth, together with a new VP called All Aces and another multihand BJ game.

It's not just Microgaming pumping new releases out: Crypto, RTG, Playtech, Chartwell and Lasseters have all announced that they are stepping up their new game output.
I wish they would roll the new games out on the weekend. I can't wait for the new ones, I'm saving my weekend wins to play them. I do agree that they need to have some sort of system for us to either decline or take out the ones we never play. I never will play any 3 liners so it's a waste of time to download them. I love the 25 lines, and yes Simmo! I wish they were not in coins but they ARE loads of fun. And when they are new they seem sooo much looser than months later. Don't you agree? I remember the Golden Goose slots were a blast in the beginning but who plays them now?? I would delete them if I could. Loaded seems the same. Used to get 300+ in a bonus round and now you are lucky to get 100. Alright you RNG guys don't bash me for saying that. I know all about that the casinos don't change anything but you would have to agree that it is odd that the new ones do get a lot of buzz in the beginning with big wins posted here.
Anyone found them anywhere yet? I wanted to give them a test drive before work, but after checking half a dozen MG casinos, I still haven't seen them yet...
We get 4 every month. I've previewed them. Not bad games. 2 slots, a video poker and a BJ. Some of these MGS casinos have 170+ games now.
I'm told that King Neptune's has them too.

I imagine all the major MGS casinos will be putting them up before the end of the week.
This is my first impression of the two new MG 5 reel slots.
The graphics is not up to date with 'Harveys' or 'Loaded', they look like some
the older slots. I got a bit disappointed there. I like the eye candy from Loaded/Harveys and had expected something like that.

I am convinced the majority of experienced(addicts) slot gamblers will
prefer this one over WoW. The paytable is a little lower than Thunderstruck
and where is no wild multiplier. But all this is compensated by very generous
bonus rounds(free spins). During free spins one of the high pay symbols
is also wild which will give a lot of wins with multiplier times 2-5. So this bonus feature is a good improvement compared to the Thunderstruck clones. Now the free spin feature actually is almost
garantied to pay something. A very huge part of the payout% must come
from the feature (more than Thunderstruck) so you are very dependant
on getting this feature. This I will play again.

Wheel of Wealth:
This a very low variance slot with lot of small wins.
Even with bet 0.25$ (1 cent*25 lines) and hitting the WoW feature AND hitting the '1000' only pays 10$! It is not 1000* bet-size which I thought, but only 1000 times line-bet. I will never play this again.

Hmmm.. Not sure about Kathmandu. I like the free spins, which were good for just over 8000 coins - but the rest of it... It's all a bit Wasabi San... PLUS! It looks and feels like a 20/25 liner - but actually has nine.. and they've committed the cardinal sin. Again. Putting that STUPID speed up reel thing when you get two symbols, which only annoys you more when the third doesn't land.

I'll give it a bit more of a go, but I can't see it being a keeper.
I enjoyed it actually. heres my first screenie. About $290 from a $3.60. the free spins retriggerred twice for 45 freebies :D
My very first spin of the WOW yielded 1000 coins (pennies) in the bonus round. I quit immediately.

Seven spins into Katmandu I hit the 15 respins for 2000 pennies.

Not bad for ten minutes (9 of which was spent downloading the new games).
I did pretty good with WOW . Katmandu didn't pay me much of anything and I never did get the bonus round . Will play them both again this weekend . I think I am a bit disappointed . Congrats to those who have won though .
I tend to agree. On Kat I got the bonus rounds 4 times, the biggest win started off with 4 scatteres ($49) with total being $80. Was betting the max $1.80. Total on all 4 bonus round of around $150. Then lost it all back on a variety of others. think I'll stay with Loaded and Harveys. And the new VP has a terrible pay schedual 7/5! Tried it and kept getting 3 aces....aughhhh very frustrating.:mad:

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