New interactive casino launched by 888


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Interactivity and a wider range of offerings on new website

Choice and interactivity are key elements on a brand new online gambling website launched this week by the Gibraltar-based Internet gambling group

Branded 888, the site deploys the latest in technology and presentation from Elizabeth the virtual hostess through a wide selection of casino games and genres, bonus offers and 24/7 customer support, all backed by a full range of player services and facilities.

Spokesmen for the company claim that 888 Casino is a new way for players to improve the individual online gaming experience. The virtual hostess is intended to create the right ambience by providing the site with a personality and useful information. After an introduction and a guided tour, visitors can download the casino software, make their choices and start playing.'s Marketing Director, Matt Robinson, says that one of the most essential aspects for a casino player is feeling at home and safe when entering an online casino and 888 Casino aims to provide that. "Personal care for our players has always been a top priority for 888 and we decided to take it one step further with 888 Casino," said Robinson. "I believe they will be pleasantly surprised."


You type well loads
I expect players would be more pleasantly surprised to get paid without a load of hassle:rolleyes:

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