New here, but not in casino


Jun 14, 2024
Hey everyone!

It's great to be part of such a strong community.

I'm Ekaterina Dubnicka from Slotsjudge, and I specialize in writing reviews about online casinos. I'm excited to join this community where online casinos are discussed, as I value your opinions for my reviews.

I'm particularly interested in online casinos that offer no-deposit sign-ups. These casinos provide a free starting balance to play with and the chance to win cash that can be quickly and easily redeemed.

Looking forward to engaging with you all and please share your insights!
Where do you get uniqe ideas from for writing your casino reviews, do you register and gamble yourself and include insights from your own point of view or just repeat what the Internet says, and essentially add more garbage to it?

As a comparison - I can bet that I would be able to create an expert level step by step guide on how to transplant humans heart by just doing a litte research and then getting AI to help me with creating a properly structured page that includes all well-known specifics and details. Plus i would make it easy for the reader and search engines to swallow it.

BUT it would't make me an expert in anything of this at all, even a person that has a first hand experience with such things.

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