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dionysus has created a new group called Debate.

Debate - pick your topic, pick your side!

Debates can get heated but please note a few basic ground rules:

1. Debate topics should be clear and concise, whether an assertion or question - if you use a meme/photo in your OP be sure to clearly write your debate points above.
Please create a new thread for each new topic. Be judicious.

2. No shit-posting! Invalid debate topics anf troll threads/posts will likely be binned.
Trump has done more bad than good (or vice versa) during his tenure as president is vague but fine. Trump is an @$$-hole, change my mind! is not.

3. CIVIL discourse, please. No personal attacks on fellow members - all CM standard rules and guidelines apply.

4. 0 tolerance for sexist, racist, homophobic comments and slurs.

5. Memes and gifs are not generally helpful responses. Use your words..
Do not use external links. Import info and citations in.

6. Caps should be used sparingly for word emphasis. It's a debate, not a shouting match.

Please note: this is a closed group (ie not viewable to non-members) but open to any members requesting to join who have a Fully Registered User status or higher (sorry, newbies)

Note: I'm sure the group can use a co-moderator or 2; left, right or middle as long as you're fair, abide by the rules above, are familiar with CM standards of acceptability and don't get pissy with well-thought-out and expressed dissenting opinions, send me a pm.

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