Need Info on Casino 1x2

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But as far as I know it's a slow/no-payer and one to avoid at all costs.
I would avoid this casino - if you run into problems, you gotta hope and pray. Only recently their CS representative has been responsive - and this is unusual. Normally there is no response.

Definately not-recommended. Thanks for the heads up for needing an "evil" update.
You should be Carefull with 1x2

can You tell a story,from 4 weeks ago,i played for the first time in this Casino,and Deposited by Neteller.Cos they are going to make big announces in Forums that they cashout winnings via Neteller within 5 minutes almost instantly whenever You want your money.
I won there a amount of over 1000$ and would cashout by Neteller,i waited 14 Days and then i never had a cashout.then i had the word from the manager i will get my winnings in the next week for shure (3Days) they have problems with Bank in Belize i was told.
I let transver my money back to my playeraccount,and played for two days.
one Time i had an amount of 8000$.Bad i'm afool and do not cashout this,i play again and again,in the end i lost all. So i can not say if i had get this money ever,don't know from them. I'm reallly a fool,but i would be Carefull to play there!!!
I had such a terrible time trying to get my cashout from them that I get upset just tinking about it. I've played at more casinos than I can count and it was by and far the worst ordeal I have ever had to go through. It took months, and they only finally paid up because I began a full time campaign calling them and threatening to come down to Belize and other nonsense. I only won a couple bucks too, it was my $1000 deposit I was really concerned about.

Whatever you do, don't give these crooks your money. I honestly don't think they ever had any intention of honoring even my own money deposit here. Like I said, I get upset just thinking of all the time and emotional waste I allowed these fucks to take from me.
Didn't play there myself though I'm going to give them a try (not $1k definately ;)). I have several people who mentioned them in their top casinos.

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