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Apr 12, 2024
hi is there anyone on here that can help me with MR Q casino ive been waiting 4 days now for my winnings and still nothing i am verified and i contacted them and says same thing its with the team contactwd support and nothing please help ty
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I wouldn't open a PAB just yet - you haven't even reached the threshold for standard withdrawal times (3-5 days for debit cards not using Visa Direct). I would give it a couple of days, then follow up with support again. If they still haven't given you any meaningful update this time next week (which will be 11 days) then it might be time for a PAB.
Ah, that's a bit more of an question then give they claim 6 hours.

They do have a rather unhelpful and vague FAQ about withdrawals - with an impressive 85% "not helpful" rating - that basically says nothing apart from processing may be delayed due to documentation requests or other investigations.

I would add, if you have recent deposited the funds to Paypal (e.g. from your bank), then it's possible those funds haven't cleared yet (up to 5 working days depending on the method) which will cause an onward delay between Paypal and MrQ. Even if the funds are going back to the same account, finance teams will want the funds to clear before they process the withdrawal.

If you have deposited to Paypal recently, I would give it until Monday - that gives Paypal 5 working days to clear the funds, and MrQ time to process the withdrawal. If you haven't, then it's less clear what is causing the delay - and maybe it's PAB time.

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