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Mar 31, 2009
Lowndesboro, AL
Anyone used this method recently for US residents at the online casinos?

Haven't played in a while and was wondering if this is a good method? Wondering if I can use a PayPal debit card to buy one of those gift cards through the casino?
I almost signed on with Mypaylinq, but decided to ask them a few questions first. It was a good thing to do. I wanted to receive a cashout through them and the procedure to have my funds released was an absolute joke. first, I'd have deposit to my account, then I needed to transfer funds TO the casino i wanted my withdrawal from. this would only be possible AFTER i send in verification documents. If those go through, my deposit is accepted and my transfer to the place I want to receive from is made- THEN I get to wait 15 days for them to process my withdrawal......Oh, did i mention that there are fees that are far higher than the industry standard for every step?

I'm not even going to mention the terms and conditions that openly say that once they have your money, if they don't want to pay you, you have no recourse or any dispute intermediary to help. They do say they'll try and do their best to be honest. yeah......I feel much better now- they promised!

My advice? (take a guess!)

just google: "Mypaylinq problem" and you'll find all you need to know. I'm giving ECOCard a thorough run through the mill right now. They say no U.S.gambling transactions, so it's not lookin too promising from the start. I'll keep ya informed as I learn more. Good luck to ya wherever ya end up, Tom
other than the waiting 15 days , which was actually around 30 days because they were having problems getting funds to the US at the time I like mypaylinq.

I have not requested a withdrawal from them since the time i mentioned so I don't know if the time to get paid has improved much but I am pretty sure they have worked out those issues so the 15 days is all it should take. And to me, if it is a significant amount of money the $25 fee and the 15 day wait is not that bad.

And in my case they waived the $25 fee because it took longer than 15 days. I think they are fair.

They sent my funds through Moneygram which was really quick and hassle free.
I'm pretty sure they only do western union at the moment but I am sure it would work about the same.

they actually did have a period where they stopped processing withdrawals to the US because as I said they were having issues getting the funds here but they have resumed processing withdrawals to us players.

signing up can seem like a hassle to some people but it was not that bad, they just want you to verify your cards and make one deposit through them to the casino before you can withdrawal using that method. I play at only two casinos inetbet mainly and CW once in a while so for me it has some benefits.

for example , if I get a free bonus with a max cash out of $50. I will always withdrawal the $50 to mypaylinq because as long as you have made one deposit using that method the withdrawals are processed really quick at least at inetbet they are. As soon as it is taken out of my inetbet account it is available in MPLQ account. Then I can redeposit the money without restrictions.

also too if I deposit and just win a small amount , instead of trying to build up enough to request a wire transfer which is $250 or $350 minimum and impossible sometimes when my luck is bad I will just stop playing at about $25 and withdrawal it to mypaylinq then deposit it somewhere else or just leave it until the next day when my luck may be better.

It would all depend on preference ..... but it works for me.
And they will pay , it may seem like a long wait to some people but
I have been gambling online since way back when withdrawals took on average about 30 days to process from all casinos and they would send a check through the mail which was another 7-10 days unless you paid extra for the express mail... which was $25 fee and it still took three days to actually receive it.

there were no other options back then so i have waited many times before.
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I opened an account with them last year but never used them and then the other day I decided to check them out further. I didn't think twice about sending docs to the casinos but imo, this seems a lot more complicated and gives them more access to my bank acct. plus the fact that I have no idea who they are and the whole thing didn't feel right so I'm waiting for TokenPay. Their whole anonymous thing sounds perfect for me personally. :)

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