Playojo verification loop?


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Dec 4, 2021
new brunswick
Hi there, hope this finds everyone well. I have a bit of a weird problem here. And also apologies in advance I originally posted this as a ticket, I’m not sure what the difference is and hope it’s okay to repost it here.

I used a 50$ Mastercard gift card over the holidays and when I tried to withdraw I needed to verify that card and I did and got email confirmation that it’s verified but I still can’t withdraw. I’m still getting the pop up to verify when I try to withdraw and when I click through there’s nothing on the list. I’ve emailed about the issue twice but with lacking a response I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask on this forum. Thankyou so much :)

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I see you've posted this the day after submitting a PAB complaint to us on this same issue. That is a violation of the Player Arbitration Policies and Procedures , items 1.9 and 2.3 and would normally kill your PAB.

I'll lock this thread in the assumption that that is NOT what you want and we'll continue with your PAB. If you'd prefer it the other way around -- we close your PAB and you would continue with your issue here on the forums -- please send a Private Message to @maxd saying so.

Max Drayman
Player Arbitration (PAB) Manager,
Playojo is a recommended Accredited Casino at Casinomeister

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