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Sep 17, 2018
Hi all. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum but I'd like to share something that has happened me on MrQ, both looking for thoughts and as a warning.

In the last few months I've played quite regularly here and generally play at high stakes without much success. During January, after losses, I was getting a note on my account that I had received cashback from the previous weeks losses. The note I received on 25th January said:

Hello there!
Thanks for playing with us. As you're aware, we have an ongoing cashback promotion, that's credited every Monday, and guess what!
It is that time!
You've now been credited with whooping amount of £x
We hope you enjoy it!

MrQ don't have a promotions page so seem to target their promotions, which is fine. I assumed that I was being rewarded based on my play so I responded to this note stating that I was unaware of the promotion and asked what were the terms. The response I received was a link which stated:

Cashback T&Cs

1. Cashback is available to the recipients of this communication only.
2. Cashback is credited as 20% of wagers - wins for the previous Monday - Sunday (00:00 - 23:59).
3. Players will not receive cashback if they have a negative total when we calculate wagers - wins.
4. Cashback is credited in cash and can be withdrawn.
5. Cashback is capped at £500.

So I thought great, I must be bumped up a VIP level or something. I was then asked to complete SOW which I did so I was unable to deposit for a week or so while that was being done. They set my deposit level at £2k per month which is low for me but acceptable without having to send more documents. Anyway, with last week being the first week of the month, I duly deposited and lost the 2k but thought at least I will get 20% of it back. Yesterday came and went and no cashback was received. So today I enquired about it and was told that the cashback is discretionary and not guaranteed so I would not be getting it. Instead I was given 50 free spins and told sorry for the inconvenience and that they would update the terms to make it more clear. Obviously I voiced my dissatisfaction at this. I've never asked them for bonuses of any kind but when you are offered something you expect it to be honoured. There was no indication in the terms that it was discretionary. What's the point having an "ongoing promotion" if its discretionary whether it will be paid or not? I had been receiving free spins a couple of times a week as well in January and didn't get any last week which is all very suspicious because this is happening straight after I sent in my source of wealth documents.

As a further twist, the 50 free spins seemed to have played themselves! I opened the game just to see what the value of the spins were and closed it again but then an hour later noticed a cash balance on my account and in my game history, the free spins are there as having played one by one! I made sure to note in the chat that I didn't play them as deemed acceptance of them but they are adamant that I did

Anyway, this whole thing has annoyed me and I won't be playing there anymore. No transparency and dodgy practices - it's not worth it. I don't see much written about this casino so maybe this feedback will be useful for someone.


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Jan 8, 2019
Cashback at their discretion. That is completely unethical in my humble opinion. Especially after they seem to have encouraged you with the promotion.

As for free spins crediting before playing its been seen on other sites. Another thing which raises a few questions around ethics and discretion for me.

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