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YuraK said:
Casinomeister, could you add some more casinos to your best (and probably worst lists)? I mean, post not just 32red but 5, 10 or 20 best online casinos, think it will help players around. Something like "runners up" at GOM.
Hi Yurak,

Thanks for the suggestions. Since this is mostly editorial, I would feel compelled to do a write up on each one (shorter of course), and then I'm looking at a time issue - that's a lot of writing. The difference between my awards and GOM's is that GOM's is by vote so it's easy to quantify. I do it differently by reviewing a casino's relationship with the players and the industry as a whole. Votes cannot be bought, and advertising doesn't make a difference either. But I'll keep your suggestion on expanding the list next year in mind.

A good resource for a top 20 (good and bad)