Question microgaming casino crashes(please help)


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For about the last 4 weeks i have had regular crashing with my casinos.
This only happens when clicking the tournament tab,i have no problem accessing any slot,table or video poker game on microgaming casinos.
Anyone familiar with how tourneys work on microgaming you will you know you see a black icon appear on screen upon logging in saying " this tourney is in play would you like to play now".

If this doesnt pop up for me then i know on clicking the tournament tab it will crash,so i log out and get his error message.
It happens on some casinos more than others and does not happen every time.

The instruction at "0x3cf8c065" referenced memory at "0x00000064" the memory could not be read.
I first tried unistalling and reinstalling casinos and still have the same problem.
After a month of this happening i wiped the hard drive thinking it must be a windows error,reinstalled windows,java,flash player and i am still having the same problem.
Any help or advice with this would be appreciated.
I have a friend and family member who also have been having the same issues and altogether this is covering six different computers at 3 addresses so i know it cannot be attributed to just my computer


Hi there,

Your not alone, there have been a few messages in several threads with similar issues.
I myself also experienced it.
In several Casinos too.

My guess is, combining this with the fact i have seen a lot of server connection issues in threads concerning newer, multi platform Casinos that utilize some form of MG's serverclient (my interpretation, no facts) that there is too much load on them, and while they are probably working hard on these issues,
they might have neglected to ensure the "normal" Viperclient Casinos quality.

It's because for me these issues started popping up all too frequently just around the time those new Casinos started to offer MG games in combination with others ( about a year back, with the launch of NordicBet's casino Red (was then called the "Games" section) and it increased in frequency as of late, possibly to do with the launch off Oddsmatrix solutions?

Just my guess, but it seems like a logical 1+1 :)

Anyway, you and me and the rest will just have to sit this one out for now.
Surely somewhat annoying, but luckily the errors occur only with the tournament panel and when logging in for me, after that my sessions are pretty much error-free.


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Good to know it's not just me lol. It's been going for a while now. Frustrating but I find if I close the casino down and re-open it, sometimes a couple of times, it eventually logs in OK


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Same thing here . If i play a tournament and then exit the casino and log back in , the casino will crash if i click the tournaments tab . I have to start the software 3-4 times before i can play again . It`s not a hardware problem , same thing on three different pc`s .

And this is a new one . When i open a game it opens another window and nothing happens (you can see some random chinese symbols on the game tab ) . Some games work , some don`t . Any ideas ?

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I've noticed that microgaming casinos have programmed in a default jump to the favorites tab after loading - at one casino I don't have any favorite games in the list and it still jumps there, it's a stupid feature. It would be ok if it was faster, but there's a bit of a lag, if you click one of the other game tabs right away then it jumps back to favorites again. Personally I find it really annoying, if I wanted to open my favorites I know where to find them.

It seems as though that last jump to favorites is the end of everything being loaded and if you try to do anything before that it chokes.

I don't know if that's what's causing your problem, but maybe try logging in and then clicking the new games tab then watch for the menu to jump to your favorites tab and then try clicking the tourney tab.


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Oh well .. freespins / tourney / loaded . Can`t click anything ... reopening the casino / game doesn`t help .



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I started a similar thread a few weeks ago with the programme crashing at 32Red when clicking the tournaments tag.I solved it by installing a different browser-Chrome instead of IE and everything has worked fine since so you may like to give this a try.It also might be worth running a spyware scan to see if your machine has picked up any nasties.The other possible solution is to try installing another MG like Nedplay or Dash and seeing if you get the same error.
I contacted 32Red support at the time but they were baffled as they could not reproduce the problem at their end but it looks like it has still not been resolved.


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try these old tricks

clean registry with a cleaner if your running spybot s@D or like that pause them when loading update all your browsers and change there default value and see if that helps also check there is no burning programs or encoding programs running at the same time as they chew up ram and processor and cause other programs to crash also check that you have enough ram as well and remove any programs you dont use


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It was a fresh install , running 8Gb of ram on a decent PC , no spyware , no viruses .

The game cache was messed up for some reason . Sometimes the games are just "re-installing" for no apparent reason and i guess something went wrong there .

Anyway they will always say that the software is flawless , but in reality there are a bunch of security certificate errors and script errors that are never getting fixed .


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You know, even with all the issues from time to time, I still prefer the download casino option.

Until the web based providers find a much better way to move from game to game quickly, I can't see that changing for me.

If you have lots of data allowance, just reinstall. It takes about as long or even less time than fiddling around finding the problem. Also, if it is still there after doing so, you know its a server issue. Otherwise, you could spend ages trying to fix the unfixable.


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The issue with the Tournaments tab shutting down the Casino could be as a result of the Pop Up ' XYZ Tourney is Running - Would you Like to Join?' (Or Something like that :p)

This pop up normally comes up if you were playing a Tourney and its still running. I think the crash occurs when you attempt to click on the Tab and the Pop Up is in the process of being loaded.



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I was thinking the same thing Nate . Anyway ,when i can`t see that reminder i know for sure that the casino will crash :) If i close the casino without clicking the tourney tab it still crashes upon exit . Since i have a fast computer it`s not much of a problem for me , i can log back in really fast but it`s still annoying though ...