MG casino max withdrawal on a free chip, big loss!!


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Hi, I used a code and claimed a no deposit bonus at xxxxx casino a few days ago, and just found out that 1413.00 bucks will be deducted from my withdrawal which has all ready gone threw, and I will only be paid $200.

Ok this is a new rule for me, but rules are rules.

Now here's the flipping problem I used a code at xxxxx casino and claimed a no deposit bonus and have a balance of $2562.00, is there anyway to get the whole balance paid?

Before I knew this rule, I made a $20 deposit so that I could claim my withdrawal to my neteller account and not get a cheque in the mail, I did wager this deposit threw one time but that was after I had made my wagering.

If there is no way of getting this amount out of xxxxxx casino, I would like to know. Maybe in future players could make a deposit before wagering is over.

Check the rules for yourself from the link I will provide, also be sure to read the part about free tourneys where maximum withdrawal is also $200.

It's just a huge amount of dosh to lose you know!!!! Would you like to see my screen shots!!!!!!:mad:

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you probably shoulda just gone for the with draw'l first before posting it
the rich thing because I'm suspect

that when you put there names in a public forum that there's a program like ping back witch notifies them that there name is being used and give them a heads up

I'm not 100% shure how it works but i read something here on the
that if i misunderstood it anyone in the know please chime in



lookaway is a senior member so u have been playing long enough to know that just about all ndb come with withdrawal restristions..

i dont understand what the problem is it say right there in the link ndb max withdrawal is 200.00


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free money is free money and as such casinos that give free chips are welcome to put what ever terms they want onthem so long as its free. Seems like in this case the terms were clear. Harsh on the player but clear.
I never play with no deposit freebies these days and I think overall its bad for casinos in the long run. The more people that win decent amounts on a freebie then are restricted in the withdraw it will leave a bad feeling. You have to speculate to gain. Somthing certain casinos these days seem to have lost sight of. But all said and done the terms seem clear. Its a biatch though.


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The problem is that this is not often an issue with MGS casinos, and many players don't even think they have to worry about it.

The BIG exception though, are the few casinos that offer a NEW PLAYER free chip. These often DO have such withdrawal caps, but SOMETIMES this cap is lifted if the player makes a deposit WITH INTENT TO PLAY (rather than just to withdraw it straight away).

There is usually a deposit bonus on offer as well, and this almost never has a maximum withdrawal limit, although the WR and rules are often harsher than those for regular players.


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I didn't know about the max cashout rule, I found out when they sent me my withdrawal.

I remembered in the past that I won about $500 at Villento on a free chip.

It's just a sucker punch, they should of warned me and given the option to play of my funds for comps.

When I asked them if it was to late to cancel the withdraw, this was the email they sent me.

Hi Timothy,

Thank you for the email.

The amount of $200.00 has already been paid to you and as a result we cannot reverse this amount to your Casino account.

We have also enquired for a complimentary bonus for you but unfortunately there are no bonuses or loyalty points top ups available at the moment. If you are to deposit Between Monday 29th March (00h00 EDT/06h00 CEST) and Wednesday 31st March (23h59/08h59 CEST), you can earn triple the loyalty points for every dollar wagered on the following slots:


So you can ask for top ups and bonuses, and they must have a system in place to know wether you are eligible.


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Sorry Lookaway I agree with Curtsy on this particular one. You are a seasoned player and forum member and you used a free chip. Free chips come with wagering restrictions and max cashouts! You really should have known this.


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Yes audioman your right, but it never hurts to ask for a loop-hole.

I was less complaining and more getting it off and out, a nights sleep and I was cool.

What happens if you win a free pass to the 20k weekender, and win the tourney with no continues or rebuying. Do you only get $200?

Because plenty of players don't continue even when they would easily profit from it.


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Personally speaking I would never take a NDC in a casino I would be serious about playing in. If you are lucky enough to win from a NDC then you are forever indebted to that casino because they gave you money for nothing.

Making a deposit midway through any in running promotion is pointless. It is just throwing good money after bad. Far better to complete WR or zero out first.

I would like to see these NDC phased out and replaced with something a bit more enticing and less prohibitive to new players. Casinos who offer these chips must have a lot of dormant accounts where players have only signed up in the hope of winning something for nothing.

Everybody likes something for nothing, but one thing you can be sure of is all casinos like something for something. Afterall this can be an expensive hobby, you can't be a gambler and expect to live off free chips forever!