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Oct 1, 2005
I signed up for this casino this morning - after seeing they had a couple big progressives. I deposited $50 - went to the Big Progressive - Gold mine or something like that - it was $16 a SPIN! I didn't even notice that until after my second spin. Good news was in the second spin I won $680 or so. I was spinning away when a representative from the casino called to verify that I was me - and to sign me up for their bonus. which would be 200% or $125.00
I played for quite a while - it was neat getting to play some different games, but I finally decided to cash out when I was at nearly $1300.00 - I cashed out for $1000 - leaving my initial deposit and their bonus + a little in to still play with.(since played and lost 100%) I had played out well over my 4x in order to make the withdrawal as per their promotion terms.
I've sent them my documentation - with the $ to be paid into my firepay account. So far emails have been quick - I'll keep you posted on how this plays out.
Whatever bonus they gave you was a sticky bonus, so don't be surprised when the amount of it disappears from your bankroll after the withdrawal.
yup - just got that email - they were my first sticky bonus.
i feel so violated.
The problem with reading the T & C's is that someone called me from the casino - asked if I'd claimed my bonus yet - told about 4 times the amount and don't play certain games - i don't remember him telling me that they'd keep the bonus when/if I cashed out. The email came AFTER the bonuses were credited. but oh well - it wasn't 'my' money i lost - so it was a cheap lesson. No hard feelings to them. well.. as long as my cashout is credited ha ha. They told me they got my docs and everything was okayed.

I really had a lot of fun playing the different games - i've mostly just played micro gaming games.
These days anytime u get a bonus with 4x WR's you can rest assured its sticky.
Funny, in the old days when there were no sticky/phantom bonuses, 4x was considered high. Ah, the good old days.
its 4x but problems

hello i think golden palace group gives good bonuses but first cash out takes ages i remember to get my money 6 months later
vedat said:
..golden palace group gives good bonuses but first cash out takes ages..
What do you consider ages? I had to send them documents, but I still got my money within a matter of days. I'd expect a second cash out to be faster.

I played at golden palace. They were really quik. Yeah , I got it on that sticky bonus too, didnt realize it till it was too late,lol,

But then reversed it and brought it up another 200 dollars then cashed out again:)

Kudos to Merlin's Magic
I already have the cashout in my Firepay account.
That was very fast for a first time cashout!

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