CM Announcement Meister Meeting 2024 is a go!!

Hmm, I thought these boats here function just as an additional transport to get around, not just only for tourists attraction. But i could be wrong of course. Tell KK to get a speed boat then, they're called something like Thames Rockets lol..
The Thames has a 15mph speed limit IIRC so a speedboat would be useless.
Had a great evening! Sorry some folks couldn't make it. But I still have your mugs. :cheers:
Jep, just got back on the rock. We had our own party too for affiliates from 5 to 8 but it was a nightmare to get away from ICE and unfortunately I had meetings up to 5pm. So we just managed to hit our own party at 7pm :( Sorry I didn't make it, but I'll remain present on the forum to represent the best casino group of 2023 :)

Thanks for the award Bryan and team!

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