Meister Meeting 2023 is a go! All members invited!! Free food and libations!!

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Not too sure myself. I was told it was going to be Furry meetup after the three-year hiatus, so I'll be buggered if I know who's who.

But for clarity, this'll be me

My trip to the Meister Meet paid for by the Hippodrome casino AGAIN 😎

This time, 45 minutes of low-stakes roulette - £60 in, £360 out...



EDIT: For others wishing to use Roulette to pay for THEIR trip to the next CM meeting, I have decided to share my secret!
I surround my Birthday Numbers 5 & 26 with chips. They are opposite each other on the wheel - so I also cover 14 & 17 which are at 90 degrees to them.
Then all you do us use your telekinetic powers to urge the ball to fall into the right segments. Simple! :thumbsup:

(Actual footage from last night's win)
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Look at that.....back in time for the Antiques Roadshow!!!

Didn't stay long, but enough to have a good time. It somehow felt like the best one yet, for me anyway!

Obviously didn't see what a pit of decadence it would eventually turn into, but people were more concentrated towards the bar end, and so I decided to set up camp there, so much easier 👌

Saw the barmaid doodling at one point, which made me question my conversational skills, but to those I briefly chatted with, it was great!

Dunover his usual excellent self, oh and how we laughed at Brexit! Though when the Irish singer was deployed, we had to resort to smoke signals and polite nodding as it got so loud!

But still, a nice little occasion full of great characters. Briefly met Gonso Fonso, a very friendly, affable chap, as well as a quick stop & chat with Kasinoking, Webzcas and being greeted by the divine Jelena (it's ok, the missus won't see this)

And of course a massive thankyou to Bryan for organizing the event and providing the refreshments and merriment, to make the event what it is. He's the man 👏

So with that cameo out of the way, all I can do is heartily recommend members attend when they can, if they so desire. It's a nice atmosphere and comprised of great people!

Also averted getting pissed after two and looking like the lightweight pussy I am, but to those that wish to partake, the drinks are on the house. Still not sure why I felt the need to pat Kasinoking's belly in a rare tactile moment, akin only to slapping a bald person's head repeatedly, but the icing on the cake is that he didn't clump me one before onlookers 🙏

Now....let's see how much Bertie gets for hawking his grandfather's watch, shall we? :p
Still not sure why I felt the need to pat Kasinoking's belly in a rare tactile moment, akin only to slapping a bald person's head repeatedly, but the icing on the cake is that he didn't clump me one before onlookers
Hmmm.... I don't remember that! Must have already been pissed by then :D

Anyway, revenge is sweet. Here's someone receiving their lifetime "Making up hilarious quips" award...


Yes, it's true. A good night was had by all it seems!

After saying a couple of goodbyes, I extorted Bryan for my tankard, and assumed 'that was that', perhaps just a quick pic (or not).

So as me, Lockdown Beard and the missus were trying to beat a hasty retreat, I get 'pap-attacked', for the 2nd Meistermeet in a row!

Somewhat stunned, I look around to find the missus trigger-happy to my right, and a camouflaged Kasinoking gleefully snapping away like I was Michael Bolton!! Naturally, given those odds, I opted to look right, not for any particular reason, other than that it was easier 🖼️

Didn't think the 'tankard scenario' through fully however, and only realized about 10 minutes into our return journey that carrying a small box around London looking like Mujahideen probably wasn't the smartest play I'd made that week! But ultimately it came down to that, or looking like the winner of a golf tournament. Fine margins....

But then you think "why stress it bro", and soon realize it could always be worse. Like seeing some fat dude pushing a trolley past the bus stop this morning, complete with bunny ears!!!
Had a good evening myself and great to catch up with many of you that were in attendance.

A very brief write up: Meister Meeting 2023 at Waxy O'Connor's London

Many photographs to follow below in this thread :)

Well done on getting one of Goatwack @KasinoKing , I only managed to snap his backside!
In no particular order......


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Well done on getting one of Goatwack @KasinoKing , I only managed to snap his backside!
I thought that said "slap" at first... :eek:

Great photos! But maybe me wearing that fat suit for a laugh wasn't such a good idea though - think I'll leave it at home next year :D

@RyanFCA did they recognize you at all or did you had to re-introduce yourself? :)

Hope you all had a great time! See you all next year! (if no covid-, monkey pox- or any other hoax card is pulled)
Yes! thanks all for attending - and special thanks to the awardees who were there (all but 1 :p).

It was a really good feeling seeing this pick up again. We have been doing the Meister Meetings since 2008 - all but two at Waxy's, and it's a pretty cool place to hang out. This was the first since the plandemic, and it was really great to see a lot of familiar faces and a few new ones :D
I hate the fact that im most likely going to be a fckn square again this year! Those meetings are absolute gold, and a exemplary gathering of the finest gents and 'm'ladies' around!

Maybe a miracle will occur -if not: looking forward to some nice photos and stories!

Edited: damn @Jelena_PragmaticPlay :D now you pulled my right into the wrong thread :D
Lol I thought this is announcement for the next meeting, mixed up the years :D

Is there gonna be one in Feb '24?
I think this has confused a few of us now, we’re blaming you Jelena. :)
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